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B2W21=[[Join Avenue]] ({{DL|Join Avenue|Flower Shop}})|
DW1=On the player's first visit to the Dream World, they will receive five of one of the {{cat|damage-reducing Berries}} from Fennel. |
XY1=From a boy in the house on an island off the coast of [[Cyllage City]]. |
XY2=Given by Psychic [[Inver]] inat the {{dl|Kalos Route 18|Inverse House}}. |
XY3=Sometimes found on [[Natural objects|yellow Berry trees]]. |
ORAS1=Growing on [[Route]] {{rtn|123|Hoenn}} in the [[Berry Master]]'s garden when the player first arrives there. |
ORAS2=Can be given by Psychic [[Inver]] at the {{DL|Mauville City|Inverse Battle Stop}}. |
ORAS3=Can be given by a fan after competing in a Master Rank [[Pokémon Contest|Pokémon Contest Spectacular]]. |
MC1=Can be obtained through the Lv. 2 {{DL|PokéMileage Club|Poké Doll Grabber}} attraction. |