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====With Ash====
In ''[[BW005|Triple Leaders, Team Threats!]]'', Oshawott was then used against Ash's Pokémon in his third [[Striaton Gym]] battle against {{an|Cilan}} and went up against {{TP|Cilan|Pansage}}. This surprised Iris, who thought he should use a {{type|Flying}} like {{AP|Pidove}} instead. Though initially confident, he got scared by Pansage and had to be pushed into battle, but was convinced by Ash to battle Pansage. His Tackle was dodged and was hit by Pansage's {{m|Bullet Seed}}, he was bitten on the head by {{m|Bite}} and whilstwhile running, crashed into a wall. He used multiple Water Gun attacks but they were all dodged execpt the last one. Oshawott was shown to be tired whilstwhile attacking. Pansage then proceeded to use {{m|Solar Beam}} and then fired it at Oshawott. In ''[[BW006|Dreams by the Yard Full!]]'', Oshawott used its Scalchop to deflect Solar Beam, surprising everyone. He then deflected Pansage's Bullet Seed with his scalchop as well, he then went for a Razor Shell, but Pansage countered with Bullet Seed knocking his scalchop, he then used Bullet Seed to prevent Oshawott from retrieving his Scalchop. Cilan then performed an evaluation, criticizing Ash and his Oshawott, but praising his Pansage in comparison. Ash then had Oshawott use Water Gun of a wall, bouncing it across rocks, hitting his Scalchop and throwing it into the air, Oshawott then caught it and hit Pansage with Razor Shell. Then his Razor Shell went up against Pansage's Bite, knocking out the Grass Monkey Pokémon and earning Ash the {{badge|Trio}}.
Oshawott was revealed to be male when he battled a wild female {{AP|Snivy}} that would be caught by Ash in ''[[BW007|Snivy Plays Hard to Catch!]]''. He became infatuated when hit by Snivy's {{m|Attract}}, and was eventually recalled.
In ''[[BW058|A Call for Brotherly Love!]]'', Oshawott was used in a battle against [[Chili's Pansear]]. After Oshawott volunteered to battle with Pansear, Ash decided that it was a good idea, and the battle commenced. Although Oshawott battled well, hitting Pansear with several powerful Razor Shells, Pansear proved to be too strong and defeated Oshawott with its newly learned {{m|Solar Beam}}.
In ''[[BW061|Battling the King of the Mines!]]'', Oshawott was Ash's first Pokémon in his [[Driftveil Gym]] battle against Clay, he went up against his {{p|Krokorok}}, Oshawott used Aqua Jet but Krokorok used Dig causing him to crash into a wall, Krokorok then used {{m|Sandstorm}} knocking back Oshawott and creating a {{weather|Sandstorm}}, blinding Oshawott as he got sand in his eyes, Krokorok then hit him with its {{m|Bite}}, he then attempted to use Razor Shell but was blinded again causing the attack to go nowhere, after being hit by a powerful {{m|Stone Edge}}, Ash got Oshawott to use Water Gun on the field stopping the Sandstorm and getting the sand out of his eyes, allowing him to see. Krokorok used Dig but Oshawott aimed Water Gun into the hole, dealing damage and forcing Krokorok to emerge, he then used Aqua Jet to hit Krokorok and defeated the Desert Croc Pokémon with his Razor Shell. He then went up against {{p|Palpitoad}}, which was more powerful than Ash's Palpitoad, Palpitoad used Hydro Pump whilstwhile Oshawott used Water Gun, but his Water Gun was easily overpowered by Hydro Pump causing him to crash into a wall, he then went for a Razor Shell but was countered by {{m|Sludge Bomb}}, hitting Oshawott and separating him from his Scalchop, this distracted him, allowing the Vibration Pokémon to defeat Oshawott with his {{m|Rock Smash}}.
[[File:Dawn Piplup and Ash Oshawott.png|thumb|220px|Oshawott and his rival, Dawn's Piplup]]
In ''[[BW085|All for the Love of Meloetta!]]'' he met {{an|Meloetta}} and subsequently fell deeply in love with it. To his excitement he was left to watch over it, while Ash and Pikachu left to get more ice. From nowhere, Emolga, who had brought an Oran Berry for Meloetta, crashed into Oshawott and the two began fighting. They calmed down when Ash and co returned and Meloetta began to sing. subsequently in ''[[BW086|Piplup, Pansage, and a Meeting of the Times!]]'', he fell for [[Dawn's Buneary]], but soon forgot her when she embraced Pikachu and Meloetta revealed herself. When [[Dawn's Piplup]] fell for Meloetta just as Oshawott had before him, Oshawott attacked him with Aqua Jet, upset to see Piplup and Meloetta getting along, sparking a rivalry. In the [[BW087|next episode]], when the gang were surrounded by {{p|Onix}} and Meloetta appeared frightened, both he and Piplup heroically battled the Onix. Eventually, when surrounded by the Onix again, Oshawott learned Hydro Pump to fight them off. In ''[[BW093|Goodbye, Junior Cup - Hello Adventure!]]'', Oshawott confronted Piplup over Meloetta one more time before Piplup and {{an|Dawn}} left for [[Johto]], their contempt soon turned into sadness and they bid a teary farewell.