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<i>AshOur and friends are eager toheroes check out a gem exhibition, but soonit’s discovercanceled thatwhen theMaster lockThief hasKeyes beenpicks pickedthe by a master thieflock! TheHe localoften locksmithtargets hasthe awork prettyof goodlocksmith ideaEd, whowhose couldapprentice beLocke behindrecently it…butquit. itEd willhas takehis another emergency at a nearby Pokémon Center to reveal the culprit!</i>suspicions...
When a fire starts at the Pokémon Center, Locke gets trapped inside! Ed comes to help, and the two locksmiths and their Binacle friends work together to open the tricky lock. Locke confesses that he became Master Thief Keyes to earn Ed’s respect—and Ed says he already knew!
The lock comes open, and Officer Jenny arrests Locke, but lets him off with a warning. Ed, Locke, and their Binacle are reunited, and all is well!</i>