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List of items by index number (Generation V)

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Each item has a number which is used to identify it in any game. The following list enumerates them according to the way that they are stored in the [[Generation V]] [[Nintendo DS]] games {{game|Black and White|s}} and {{game|Black and White|s|Black 2 and White 2|2}}.
{| class="roundy" style="margin:auto; background-color:#{{platinum color dark}}; border:5px solid #{{white color}}"
{{hexlist|Member Card|01C6|454|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Azure Flute|01C7|455|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|List of keyKey itemsItems in Generation IV#S.S. Ticket{{!}}S.S. Ticket|01C8|456|6=S.S. Ticket|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Contest Pass|01C9|457|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Magma Stone|01CA|458|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Coupon 2|01CD|461|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Coupon 3|01CE|462|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|List of keyKey itemsItems in Generation IV#Storage Key{{!}}Storage Key|01CF|463|yes|All|Storage Key IV|Key items}}
{{hexlist|SecretPotion|01D0|464|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Vs. Recorder|01D1|465|yes|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Grubby Hanky|027A|634|yes|B2W2|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Colress MCHN|027B|635|yes|B2W2|7=Key items}}
{{hexlist|Dropped Item|027C|636|yes|B2W2|7=Key itemsItems|6=Dropped Item-m}}
{{hexlist|Dropped Item|027D|637|yes|B2W2|7=Key itemsItems|6=Dropped Item-f}}
{{hexlist|Reveal Glass|027E|638|yes|B2W2|7=Key items}}
* All items from [[Generation IV]] appear in [[Generation V]], except for [[HM07]], [[HM08]], and the Generation IV [[Mail]]. Most of the keyKey itemsItems are unobtainable.
* While the blank items in the middle of the list can be displayed, the "items" after the last item in the list cannot. The list can be viewed in-game if such item exists in the save file, but these items are unnamed and the game crashes when selected.