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Snagem Hideout

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As the player approaches Gonzap's office, he battles another returning Snagem member from Colosseum, [[Biden]], who was one of the members the player met at the ruins of the [[S.S. Libra]]. After defeating him, the player proceeds to the office, where he overhears Gonzap yelling at [[Wakin]], complaining the Snag Machine is too small to fit his large arms. The two soon notice the player, and Wakin attacks. After fending his crony off, an impressed Gonzap tries to recruit the player into Team Snagem to take on [[Cipher]] together. He reveals his plan was to steal all of Cipher's Shadow Pokémon, causing it to collapse. When the player refuses, Gonzap offers to give back the Snag Machine if he can beat him.
The player defeats Gonzap, and as promised, the head of Team Snagem returns the Snag Machine to him, concluding that the two of them are fighting for the same goal. He also gives the player [[List of {{key items in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness#|Orre|Gonzap's Key|a key]]}}, which unlocks an item chest containing {{TM|30|Shadow Ball}}.
After [[Credits|completing the main storyline]], the Snagem Hideout can be entered two ways: through the hole in the front left wall or through the main entrance. Inside the building is an assortment of debris presumed to be from Wes' activities several years earlier. Entering through the main entrance the player is met by Agrev who mentions that Gonzap and Wakin came back but left again without informing him where they were headed. Past Agrev and to the right is a room with a Healing Machine in it and the door to continue on. Going through this door leads the player to an item box and the staircase to the second floor.
Back on the first floor one finds a hallway going to the front of the building, a staircase back to the second floor and an item box behind that staircase. Following that staircase leads to what once was Gonzap's office but is now abandoned and an item box.
On the third floor are three Trainers and two item boxes and eventually back to the left entrance to the Snagem Hideout. On the way back outside there are three Trainers and two item boxes.