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==In the games==
[[File:RG Old Amber.png|thumb|right|150px|Old Amber artwork from {{game|Red and Green|s}}]]
In the Generation I and III games, Old Amber is a [[keyKey itemItem]] obtained in a back room of the [[Pewter Museum of Science]], from one of the scientists, who believes that it could be resurrected. {{m|Cut}} is required to access the room, as it is blocked by a cuttable tree. It is given to the {{player}} by one of the scientists working there. If brought to the [[Pokémon Lab]] on [[Cinnabar Island]], Old Amber can be regenerated into an {{p|Aerodactyl}}.
In {{3v2|Diamond|Pearl|Platinum}}, it is no longer a keyKey itemItem, being demoted to simply an item. It can be found by mining in [[the Underground]] after obtaining the [[National Pokédex]]. If brought to the [[Oreburgh Mining Museum]], Old Amber can be regenerated into an {{p|Aerodactyl}}.
In {{2v2|HeartGold|SoulSilver}}, Old Amber can be found randomly by {{m|Rock Smash|smashing rocks}} at the [[Ruins of Alph]]. If brought to the [[Pewter Museum of Science]], Old Amber can be regenerated into an {{p|Aerodactyl}}.
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