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Dowsing Machine

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[[File:Key Dowsing MCHN Sprite.png|thumb|Obtain sprite from the Generation V games]]
[[File:RG Itemfinder.png|thumb|180px|Itemfinder artwork from {{game|Red and Green|s}}]]
The '''Dowsing Machine''' (Japanese: '''ダウジングマシン''' ''Dowsing Machine''), referred to as the '''Itemfinder''' prior to [[Generation IV]] and as the '''Dowsing MCHN''' in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}} and the [[Generation V]] games, is a [[keyKey itemItem]] used to detect hidden items in the vicinity of the user. The way in which it detects items and provides feedback greatly varies between games.
==In the games==
A form of the Itemfinder has been present in all main series {{pkmn|games}} since [[Generation I]].
In {{game2|Red|Blue|Yellow}}, the Itemfinder is given out by one of [[Professor Oak]]'s aides in the [[gate]] on {{rt|11|Kanto}} if the {{player}} has 30 or more Pokémon caught in their [[Pokédex]]. It is a [[keyKey itemItem]].
===Generation II===
In {{game2|Gold|Silver|Crystal}}, the Itemfinder is similar to that of Generation I. As with other keyKey itemsItems in [[Generation II]] (and following), the Itemfinder can be set to the Select button and easily accessed. It is given out by a man in [[Ecruteak City]].
===Generation III===
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