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[[File:Red on bike.png|150px|thumb|Artwork of {{ga|Red}} on his Bicycle from [[Generation I]]]]
A '''Bicycle''' (Japanese: '''{{tt|じてんしゃ|jitensha}}''' ''Bicycle'') is a [[keyKey itemItem]] obtained in the games to facilitate [[Transportation in the Pokémon world|faster movement]]. [[Cycling Road]]s can only be navigated on while cycling. They are usually obtained from [[Bicycle Shop]]s.
==In the games==
==In other languages==
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{{langtable|color={{key items color light}}|bordercolor={{key items color}}
|ko=자전거 ''Jajeon-geo''
|es=Bici<br>Bicicleta{{tt|*|Generations I-III}}}}
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''Acro Bike''
{{langtable|color={{key items color light}}|bordercolor={{ruby color}}
|pt_br=Bicicleta Acro
|ru=Горный Велосипед ''Gornyy Velisoped''
|es=Bici Acrobática}}
| style="vertical-align:top;" |
''Mach Bike''
{{langtable|color={{key items color light}}|bordercolor={{sapphire color}}
|it=Bici Corsa
|ko=마하자전거 ''Mach Jajeongeo''
|es=Bici de Carreras<br>Bici Carrera{{tt|*|Generation III}}}}
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