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worse than I thought
''[[Believe in Me]]'', ''[[This Dream]]'', ''[[Unbeatable]]'', ''[[Hoenn Pokérap]]'' and ''[[Best Friends]]'' are not included on the iTunes release.
On Spotify, ''[[ThisBattle DreamFrontier]]'', ''[[UnbeatableHoenn Pokérap]]'', ''[[BattleBest FrontierFriends]]'', ''[[HoennStay PokérapTogether]]'', and ''[[BestPokémon FriendsGo! (song)|Pokémon Go!]]'' are not included. However, ''[[Believe in Me]]'' is mis-titled as "I Want To Be A Hero", and ''[[I Wanna Be a Hero]]'' is called "Battle Frontier", ''[[This Dream]]'' is called "Stay Together", and ''[[Unbeatable]]'' is called "Go Pokémon Go".