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| colspan="2" | {{MSP|255|Torchic}}<br>{{p|Torchic}}
| [[File:PTC AG042.png|100px]]
| Incorrect. While Plusle has an {{t|Electric|advantage}} over {{t|Water}}, Roselia would be a better choice since it has an {{t|Grass|advantage}} over {{t|Water}} ''and'' resists it.
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| [[AG043]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|219|Magcargo}}<br>{{p|Magcargo}}
| [[File:PTC AG046.png|100px]]
| All things considered, this is correct; whileWhile each choice is at a disadvantage, Camerupt resists {{t|Bug|both}} of Beedrill's {{t|Poison|types}} and Magcargo has a {{t|Fire|double}} {{t|Rock|weakness}} to {{t|Ground}}. Nuzleaf has a normal weakness and can still deal neutral damage with its {{t|Grass}} and {{t|Dark}} attacks.
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| [[AG047]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|299|Nosepass}}<br>{{p|Nosepass}}
| [[File:PTC AG048.png|100px]]
| Incorrect;Whilst asDewgong Ninjaskdoes ishave aan {{t|Ice|advantage}} against the {{t|Bug}}/{{t|Flying}}-Type Ninjask, allTorkoal threeand haveNosepass advantages.would Dewgong'salso be {{t|IceFire|good}} is strong against flying, and Torkoal's {{t|FireRock|choices}} is strong against Bug. However,Though Nosepass is the best choice, assince {{t|Rock}}it resists Flying and is strongeffective against both Bug and Flying, and also resists Flying.
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| [[AG049]]
| colspan="2" | '''{{MSP|324|Torkoal}}<br>{{p|Torkoal}}'''
| [[File:PTC AG052.png|100px]]
| Incorrect;Taillow whilewould Torkoal'salso {{t|Fire}}-Typehave makes him strong against thean {{t|GrassFlying|advantage}}-Type Shiftry, Taillow'sover {{t|FlyingGrass}}-Type is both strong against and resists Grass.
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| [[AG053]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|075|Graveler}}<br>{{p|Graveler}}
| [[File:PTC AG053.png|100px]]
| Incorrect;This is incorrect because Combusken is {{t|Fighting|weak}} to {{t|Psychic}}. Both Togetic and Graveler, strictly from Type, would be equallyequal type effectivematch-ups against Kirlia.
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| [[AG054]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|245|Suicune}}<br>{{p|Suicune}}
| [[File:PTC AG055.png|100px]]
| FormerlyAt incorrect;the time, although Togetic haswas the only choice with an {{t|Flying|advantage}} over {{t|Fighting}}, Dustox bears a {{t|Bug|double}} {{t|Poison|resistance}} to itFighting. Since [[Generation VI]], however, both of said choices are equally correct due to {{t|Fairy}} having an advantage over Fighting.
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| [[AG056]]
| colspan="2" | '''{{MSP|336|Seviper}}<br>{{p|Seviper}}'''
| [[File:PTC AG056.png|100px]]
| Incorrect;This is incorrect because Forretress is {{t|Steel|immune}} to {{t|Poison}}. Both Minun and Swellow, strictly from Type, would be equallyequal type effectivematch-ups against Forretress.<br>Also, Forretress was misspelled as ''Foretress''.
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| [[AG057]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|086|Seel}}<br>{{p|Seel}}
| [[File:PTC AG057.png|100px]]
| Incorrect;Delibird is the {{t|Bug}}/{{t|Water}}best Surskitchoice hassince oneit advantagehas and no resistances totwo {{t|GrassIce|advantages}}. Theand a {{t|IceFlying|resistance}}/ to {{t|FlyingGrass}} Delibird is the best choice since it has two advantages and one resistance to Grass.
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| [[AG058]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|324|Torkoal}}<br>{{p|Torkoal}}
| [[File:PTC AG059.png|100px]]
| TechnicallySwampert correct,is as Larvitar'salso {{t|Ground|immune}}-Type makes him both strong against and immune to {{t|Electric}}, but Swampert is also a Ground-Type.
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| [[AG060]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|228|Houndour}}<br>{{p|Houndour}}
| [[File:PTC AG061.png|100px]]
| Technically correct, as Chinchou's {{t|Electric}}-Type is strong against Crawdaunt's {{t|Water}}-Type, but Volbeat would also havehas an advantage over Crawdaunt due to {{t|Bug|advantage}} beingover strong against {{t|Dark}}Crawdaunt.
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| [[AG062]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|041|Zubat}}<br>{{p|Zubat}}
| [[File:PTC AG062.png|100px]]
| Incorrect; while Spheal does {{t|Water|resist}} Wooper's Water attacks, but Zubat is {{t|Flying|immune}} to its {{t|Ground}} ones.
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| [[AG063]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|318|Carvanha}}<br>{{p|Carvanha}}
| [[File:PTC AG065.png|100px]]
| Correct;Treecko whileis Carvanhathe best choice because it has a {{t|WaterGrass|resistance}} ''and'' double effectiveness}} against the {{t|Rock}}/{{t|Ground}} Larvitar, Treeckoalthough isCarvanha thehas best choice becausea {{t|Grass}} has Water|double effectiveness}} ''and''as a resistancewell.
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| [[AG066]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|257|Blaziken}}<br>{{p|Blaziken}}
| [[File:PTC AG072.png|100px]]
| TechnicallyOnix correct,was asmisspelled {{t|Rock}}''Onyx''. Blaziken also has an advantage against {{t|Bug}}, but Blaziken's {{tFire|Fireadvantage}} doesover as well.<br>Also, Onix was misspelled ''Onyx''Ariados.
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| [[AG073]]
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|092|Gastly}}<br>{{p|Gastly}}
| [[File:PTC AG082.png|100px]]
| While Venomoth is the better choice because it has {{t|Poison|two}} {{t|Bug|advantages}} and a double resistance to Sunflora, Gastly also has an {{t|Poison|advantage}} and a resistance over Sunflora.
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| [[AG083]]