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[[File:Glorio City Castle.png|thumb|left|200px|The castle]]
'''Gloire City''' (Japanese: '''グロリオシティ''' ''Glorio City'') is an {{pkmn|anime}}-exclusive location in [[Kalos]]. It is a seaside city with a large castle sitting on a hill. Like many other {{cat|cities}} in the [[region]], it has a theater where [[Pokémon Showcase]]s are held.
It first appeared in ''[[XY109|Master Class Choices!]]'', when [[Monsieur Pierre]] announced on [[television]] that the city would host the Master Class Showcase, a tournament where {{pkmn|Performer}}s who have collected at least three {{DL|Pokémon Showcase|Princess Key}}s compete for the title of {{DL|Pokémon Performer|Kalos Queen}}.
{{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} arrived in GlorioGloire City in ''[[XY112|Performing a Pathway to the Future!]]'', where {{an|Serena}}, along with her [[rival]]s {{an|Shauna}}, [[Nini]], [[Miette]], and [[Jessie|Jessilee]], entered the Master Class Showcase. Jessilee, Serena, and Shauna all managed to defeat their opponents, making their way to the semifinals of the competition. However, Nini and Miette both lost in the first round.
In [[XY113]], after defeating Shauna and Jessilee in the semifinals, Serena competed against Kalos Queen {{an|Aria}} in the final round. Despite her best efforts, she ended up receiving fewer votes than Aria. As a result, she was eliminated from the competition and Aria kept her title. With the Master Class over, Serena and her rivals said their goodbyes and left GlorioGloire City to start practicing for the next Showcase circuit.