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[[File:Kecleon Shop Adventure Squad.png|thumb|200px|A dungeon shop in [[Sunset Rockland]] in Blazing Adventure Squad]]
[[File:Treat Road 2 PMDGTI.png|thumb|200px|A dungeon shop in [[Treat Road]] in Gates to Infinity]]
In Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team, Kecleon Shops can be found in dungeons from [[Mt. Blaze]] onwards, excluding any dungeons located in the sea or sky, can be found. In Explorers of Time, Darkness and Sky they appear from [[Waterfall Cave]] onwards. The shop is made up of a number of carpeted tiles on the floor, which have various items on them.
The items sold range from [[Berry|Berries]] to rare [[TM]]s and [[Wonder Orb]]s. Variety increases with game progress; after unlocking [[Luminous Spring]], evolutionary items will occasionally be sold. This is the only other way to get evolutionary items in the game, apart from completing rescue missions. There will be a Kecleon standing on one of the tiles (unlike in the town, there is only one Kecleon). When the {{player}} steps on a carpeted tile, the music changes and the player is greeted by the Kecleon. To buy an item, the player must pick it up and talk to the Kecleon to pay for them. To sell items, the player simply places them on shop tiles, and then talks to Kecleon to receive the money. Items available in these shops are sometimes very rare and almost never available from the Kecleon Shop in [[Pokémon Square]] or [[Treasure Town]]. If the player picks them up and leaves the carpeted area, {{p|Kecleon}} will warp to the player's side, demand payment and/or offer money for sold items.