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When Barlow asks Kellyn what's wrong, Kellyn brings up the latest Almia Times and shows it to him. The article describes strange noises coming from the [[Altru Tower]]. Crawford and Barlow note that the Ranger Union has been notified, but Erma wants [[Sven]] and [[Wendy]] to come back from Fiore before investigating it. Kellyn brings up that a year ago, the [[Altru Inc.]] was just a cover for the villainous group [[Team Dim Sun]] lead by [[Blake Hall]] who intended to use Pokémon to take over the world under the guise of finding a clean energy source. When Barlow points out that after Team Dim Sun's defeat, it went to being a regular company, Kellyn points to something on the newspaper.
Barlow and Crawford are unable to determine what is on the newspaper, so Kate pulls out a custom-made magnifying glass. She tells Kellyn to hand her the newspaper, but he refuses. Kate has Kellyn hold up the Almia Times and uses her magnifying glass to enhance the thing Kellyn saw on the newspaper. Much to everyone's shock, the thing Kellyn saw was actually the mythicalMythical Pokémon, {{p|Darkrai}}. Kellyn notes that Team Dim Sun used the Shadow Crystal to control Pokémon, but was stopped by three crystals who contain its power. Kellyn states that he believes that Darkrai's presences must mean the darkness is returning and they must hurry and stop it.
Kellyn attempts to go to the top of the Altru Tower to investigate, but Barlow refuses to let him go since Kellyn is still under his orders. The two get into a brief argument, but Erma comes out of the Union and asks if Kellyn is sure of what he says. Kellyn attempts to confirm his suspicious by reciting another Almia Times article, but Erma trusts his decision and makes the investigation of Altru Tower an official mission. Erma attempts to call and inform [[Professor Hastings]], but gets no answer. Barlow decides to let Kate come on the mission, much to Kellyn's displeasure. Kate gets angry and states that she already apologized for messing up his collection, but Kellyn calls her a ditz that will just get in the way. This angers Kate even further, who demands that he add a "-chan" to her name while Kellyn tells her to stop following him.