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|title_en=Wake Up—You're Snorlax! |
|title_ja=VSカビゴン |
|title_ro=VS. Snorlax |Kabigon
|image=PS012.png |
|chapter=Red, Green & Blue |
|volume=1 |
|number=12 |
|location=[[Route]]s {{rtrtn|11|Kanto}} and {{rtrtn|12|Kanto}} |
|prev_round=Buzz Off, Electabuzz! |
|next_round=Sigh for Psyduck }}
'''Wake Up—You're Snorlax!''' (Japanese: '''VSカビゴン''' ''VS. {{tt|Kabigon|Snorlax}}'') is the twelfth12th round in the {{chap|Red, Green & Blue}} of the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
Reaching a fork, Red finds the other cyclists opting to go the longer way instead of a shorter route through a forest infested by {{t|Bug}} Pokémon. Ignoring the warning of a {{tc|Bug Catcher}}, Red decides to keep his lead by going through the forest, by having [[Pika]] shock all of the wild Pokémon and [[Saur]] cut through the thick brush. Suddenly, a {{p|Beedrill}} hive falls on Saur's head, and Red finds himself fleeing from the ensuing Beedrill swarm. Eventually, Red trundles out of the forest, wincing from Beedrill stings but nevertheless far ahead, at which he and his Pokémon rejoice.
At {{rt|12|Kanto}}, Red finds the Swimmer and the Bug Catcher stuck at the dock, unable to continue due to a {{p|Snorlax}} blocking the way ahead. Red tries getting Poli to attack Snorlax, but the attack fails; the Swimmer and Bug Catcher point out that Snorlax would simply {{m|Rest}} off any attack thrown at it. Coming up with a plan, Red uses the Beedrill honey still coating his Bulbasaur to rouse Snorlax from his sleep—as a result, the awoken Snorlax chases after Red for the honey all the way to the finish line; the sight shocking the announcer and onlookers. Some timeSometime later, Red mopes over how the 10,000 dollars he won in the race had to be all spent on his newly caught Snorlax...
==Major events==
* {{tc|Bug Catcher}}
* Announcer
* [[Pokémon Fan Club Chairman]]
* Racers
* {{p|Poliwrath}} ([[Poli]]; {{adv|Red}}'s)
* {{p|Bulbasaur}} ([[Saur]]; {{adv|Red}}'s)
* {{p|Pikachu}} ([[Pika]]; {{adv|Red}}'s)
* {{p|Snorlax}} ([[Snor]]/{{tt|Lax|Chuang Yi}}; {{adv|Red}}'s; new)
* {{p|Beedrill}} (multiple)
* {{p|Slowpoke}} ({{tc|Swimmer}}'s)
====Cameos====* {{p|Scyther}} ({{tc|Bug Catcher}}'s)
* {{p|Slowpoke}} (Swimmer's)
* {{p|Scyther}} (Bug Catcher's)
* {{p|Tentacruel}} (multiple)
* {{p|Butterfree}}
==In other languages==
|dezh_cmn={{tt|VS. Relaxo卡比獸|Vs.VS Snorlax}}
|fi={{tt|Red vastaan Snorlax|Red versus Snorlax}}
|fr_eu={{tt|Ronflex|Snorlax}}{{tt|*|Glénat translation}}<br>{{tt|La course d'obstacles Pokémon|The Pokémon obstacle course}}{{tt|*|Kurokawa translation}}
|de={{tt|VS. Relaxo|VS. Snorlax}}
|it={{tt|Svegliati, Snorlax!|Wake up, Snorlax!}}
|zh_cmnko={{tt|VS卡比獸 잠만보|VS Snorlax}}
|es_eu={{tt|Contra Snorlax|VS Snorlax}}