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{{samename|island in the [[Decolore Islands]]|Cave Island}}
[[File:FL Rock Tunnel.png|thumb|250px240px|The entrance to a cave in {{game|FireRed and LeafGreen|s}}]]
[[File:Early Red and Rhydon sketch.jpg|thumb|250px240px|[[Ken Sugimori]]'s [[Capsule Monsters|concept sketch]] of {{ga|Red}} exploring a cave.]]
A '''cave''' is an underground area. Caves tend to have {{t|Rock}}- and {{type|Ground}} Pokémon, although Pokémon based on cave-dwelling [[animals]]{{OBP|Pokémon|species}} such as {{p|Zubat}} may also be found. In total there are {{#expr:{{PAGESINCATEGORY:Caves}} + 20<!--Makuhita Dojo--> - 1<!--this page-->}} caves known to be in the Pokémon world.
==General description==
Caves can be found in every region of the Pokémon world. They serve as roadblocks: travelers cannot reach their destination without passing through. Often, these caves are dark and it is impossible to see even a few feet ahead; this problem can be remedied through use of the move {{m|Flash}}. They are almost always winding and maze-like, making it easy to get lost. Villainous teams such as [[Team Magma]] and [[Team Aqua]] make their hideouts in isolated caves.
In the {{pkmn|games}}, the encounter rate is typically quite high. All caves contain [[cave tile]]s, and often [[water tile]]s; caves also contain [[ice tile]]s, [[sand tile]]s, {{DL|Hole|cracked tile}}s, [[hole]]s, [[ledge]]s and [[puddle]]s. Often, rare Pokémon can be found in caves. Items can also be found within the depths of caves, presumably dropped in the darkness by other travelers. ManySome caves contain [[legendaryLegendary Pokémon]] at their deepest point.
==In battle==