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History: You might say "This article's accuracy rose". ;)
In ''[[SS026|Mewtwo — Prologue to Awakening]]'', Mewtwo was ambushed by a [[Pokémon poacher|Pokémon hunter]] called [[Dirk]], who had been hired to recapture Mewtwo. Mewtwo managed to escape Dirk's initial attack, but was badly wounded in the process, so it retreated into a cave to recover in secret. Dirk was able to trick [[Virgil]], {{un|Anna}}, and {{un|Oscar}} into finding Mewtwo, and then launched another assault on it with his {{p|Tyranitar}}, two {{p|Escavalier}}, and a group of miniature force-field inducing drones. Despite having not completely recovered yet, Mewtwo put up a good fight, but was eventually subdued. However, as one Dirk's {{p|Tyranitar}}'s {{m|Hyper Beam}}s accidentally hit some of the drones, they malfunctioned and sparked, starting a forest fire. Dirk sent his remaining drones after Mewtwo, but it managed to break free from them, and then change into {{me|Mewtwo}} Y, Mewtwo's Mega Evolution form, easily defeating the remaining drones with its incredible speed. It then noticed the fire where the forest Pokémon, Virgil, Anna, and Oscar, were trapped. Using its Psychic powers, it lifted a large pool of water from a nearby lake to make it rain over the forest, putting out the fire. It then crushed Dirk's [[Poké Ball]]s, freeing Tyranitar and Escavalier. Afterwards it claimed it had only tried to save the Pokémon, and asked Virgil, Anna, and Oscar to forget ever seeing it. It then fled, wondering if this world had a place where it could belong.
Afterwards, Mewtwo was caught in a fierce thunderstorm. Having not recovered completely, it sought shelter in a cave, where several other [[wild Pokémon]] were also taking cover from the rain. The other Pokémon initially seemed cautious towards it, but as a lightning bolt struck and caused Mewtwo to fall over and pass out, the Pokémon saw its need for help, and used their health-restoring moves on it, allowing it to recover faster, as well as using a Fire attack and cuddling Mewtwo for warmth. Seeing this, Mewtwo realized that it wasn't alone in the world after all, and started considering all the wild Pokémon as its friends, although it still kept its cold attitude towards humans.
[[File:Mewtwo and Flying-types.png|thumb|251px|left|Mewtwo with some of its Pokémon friends]]
Later, a pair of {{p|Starly}} came to Mewtwo, explaining how the Genesect Army had taken over the [[Pokémon Hills]], building their new, giant nest in the middle of it and chasing away all the Pokémon that had used to live in there. Mewtwo arrived at the Pokémon Hills just in time to save a {{p|Feraligatr}} from falling after it had tried to battle the Red Genesect, but failed. Mewtwo tried to reason with the Red Genesect, telling it to stop hurting the Pokémon in the city. Unfortunately, it soon became clear that the Red Genesect refused to listen to any orders given to it, so Mewtwo realized it had to battle it in order to make it stop. With Mewtwo Mega Evolving and the Red Genesect changing into its High-Speed Flight Form, the two Pokémon had a high-speed battle race across New Tork City, until they both finally returned to the Pokémon Hills. When the Red Genesect tried to have its companions attack the wild Pokémon that had returned to protect their home, Mewtwo used {{m|Protect}} to save them. Mewtwo gave the Genesect Army a final warning, ordering them to stop, or it would have to defeat them. After taking a few hits from the Burn, Shock, and Chill Drive Genesect, Mewtwo Mega Evolved once again, engaging in yet another high-speed battle with the Red Genesect, this time inside the Pokémon Hills. The Red Genesect commanded its fellow Genesect to stop Mewtwo with their sticky threads, but Mewtwo was easily able to knock them down. This, however, caused a short circuit in the Pokémon Hills power generator, causing the Genesect nest to catch fire. As Mewtwo was distracted for a second while watching the Pokémon below trying to stop the fire, the Red Genesect took the opportunity to attack it with {{m|Blaze Kick}}.
Before Mewtwo could fall down, Ash managed to grab a hold of it from the other side of a guard rail, holding it up for the couple of seconds it needed to recover. As Mewtwo and the Red Genesect prepared for a final faceoff, Ash stepped between the two, saying that this place was not the Genesect's home. When Mewtwo told Ash to "move away from there", andhe told how he had made a promise to the Douse Drive Genesect to find it a home, saying that every Pokémon belong somewhere. All the Pokémon, including Mewtwothe 4 purple Genesect, seemed to understand Ash's point, but the Red Genesect showed that it still refused to understand, attacking the group with {{m|Techno Blast}}. Mewtwo Mega Evolved and easily stopped the attack. Then, realizing that it had only one choice to make—to go where there is no one else—it took the Red Genesect, and sped up to the edge of space with it, showing it the entire planet. Mewtwo explained that everyone created to this world has a purpose, and that everyone in the world were each other's friends, even them. Seeing the Red Genesect's anger finally disappearing, Mewtwo decided that it was time for them to return home. However, the stress of the lift had been too much for them, causing Mewtwo and the Red Genesect to pass out during the fall. Thankfully, Ash was able to come up with an idea of several {{t|Psychic}}- and {{type|Water}} Pokémon forming a giant ball of water to soften their landing. Afterwards, when the Genesect had been brought to [[Absentia Natural Park]] where they could live in peace, Mewtwo thanked Ash and his friends for finding the Genesect a home. It agreed to Ash's statement of them being friends forever, saying that it would trust in his words forevermore. After this, it changed into its Mega Evolution once more, and flew away.
Mewtwo was last seen arriving in a large city at night and landing on top of a tall building.