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{{samename|character from [[Pokémon Ranger: Shadows of Almia]] whose Japanese name is Wanda|Linda (Ranger)}}
{{incomplete|2=Quotes and her name in VIZ media}}
|color={{tcg grass color light}} |
|corecolor=FFFFFF |
|bordercolor={{tcg grass color}} |
|name=Wanda |
|tmname=Michiru |
|image=Wanda.png |
|size=150px |
|caption=Wanda in [[Pokémon Adventures]] |
|gender=Female |
|hometown=[[Verdanturf Town]] |
|region=[[Hoenn]] |
|relatives=[[Wally]] (cousin), unnamed aunt and uncle, unnamed mother and father, {{adv|Riley}} (husband){{tt|*|In Pokémon Adventures}} |
|trainer=no |
|game=yes |
|generation={{Gengen|III}}, {{gen|VI}}
|games={{3v2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}} <br>{{pkmn|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}}
|leader=no |
|team=no |
|brain=no |
|anime=no |
'''Wanda''' (Japanese: '''ミチル''' ''Michiru'') is [[Wally]]'s cousin and lives in [[Verdanturf Town]].
Wanda's boyfriend tried to dig the tunnel himself, and almost completed it. After the {{player|main character}} of {{game2|Ruby|Sapphire|Emerald}} gets the {{badge|Dynamo}}, they can use {{m|Rock Smash}} to complete the tunnel and open a path to {{rt|116|Hoenn}}.
Wanda and her boyfriend are thankfully reunited and give the protagonist {{HM|04|Strength}}{{sup/3|RSE|}}/the {{DL|Mega Stone|Aggronite}}{{sup/6|ORAS|}} as a token of gratitude.
Later in the game, Wanda finds two [[Mega Stone]]s{{sup/6|ORAS}}, one of which (the {{DL|Mega Stone|Gardevoirite}}) she gives the protagonist, and the other to Wally.
====Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire====
'''Wanda's house - Verdanturf'''
:''"Don't*After youdefeating worrythe aboutElite Wally. He'll be just fine, I'm sure. I know my little cousin, and he has his Pokémon with him, too."''Four
:''"Why, it feels like it's been ages since we saw you last! What wonderful timing! I was thinking that I wanted to give {{DL|Mega Stone|Gardevoirite|this}} to you..."''
:''"I didn't really thank you properly when you helped smash those rocks in the tunnel. Do you remember how light came falling out of the sky a while ago? I found this in the yard that day. Actually, I found two, and I gave the other to Wally. It's a pretty stone, and I'm sure your Pokémon would be delighted if you let one of them hold it!"''
*If talked to again
:''"Don't you worry about Wally. He'll be just fine, I'm sure. I know my little cousin, and he has his Pokémon with him, too!"''
==In the Pokémon Adventures manga==
|desc={{p|Whismur}} and {{p|Loudred}} were helping out Wanda and {{adv|Riley}} for the wedding. The Whismur and Loudred are the same Pokémon from the Rusturf Tunnel that she met before.
Whismur's only known move is {{m|Uproar}}<ref> (Japanese)</ref>, and its Ability is {{a|Soundproof}}.
Loudred's only known move is {{m|Hyper Voice}}, and its Ability is {{a|Soundproof}}.}}