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The Zygarde Core first appeared in ''[[SS035|Mega Evolution Special IV]]'', where [[Mairin#Chespie|Mairin's Chespin]] recovered it from an experiment being done in the [[Lysandre Labs]]. Although the Core escaped, Mairin's {{p|Chespin}} fell into a coma. [[XY094|At some point]] after escaping [[Team Flare]], it found its way to a bag on a stump, which the tired Order Pokémon decided to sleep in. This bag turned out to belong to {{an|Bonnie}}, who became quickly enamored with the cute Pokémon. It attempted to escape to no avail. {{Ash}} and {{an|Serena}} attempted to scan it to learn what it was, but neither [[Pokédex]] recognized it. Bonnie then [[nickname]]d it Squishy in the absence of a species name and decided to take care of it despite {{an|Clemont}} pointing out that they knew nothing about this Pokémon.
Squishy was quickly separated from the group after [[Sawyer's Grovyle]] chased a group of {{p|Dodrio}} through the forest the group was in. The group, together with [[Sawyer]], soon caught up to it, only to find it being captured by Team Flare scientist [[Celosia]] and a group of {{tc|Team Flare Grunt}}s. Celosia referred to Squishy as theirs, but her harsh treatment made {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} skeptical of this claim, so they continuedwent on to rescuesave Squishy. The five and their Pokémon were able to escape with Squishy none the worse for its ordeal.
After escaping, Squishy was introduced to the rest of the group's Pokémon. During dinner, the group was confused that Squishy was refusing to eat, but understood when it basked in the setting sun and absorbed sunlight. Soon after, it went berserk upon seeing [[Terminus Cave]] on Serena's Town Map and attacked the device, which the group interpreted to mean it wanted to go there.
That night, it detected through its cells that Celosia and the [[Team Flare]] Grunts were still searching for it, so it woke the group up. It was attacked by the Grunts again, but Ash and Sawyer, still unconvinced that Squishy belonged to them, defended it while Serena, Clemont, and Bonnie carried it away from Celosia's group. However, it was separated from the three after Bonnie fell while crossing a river, leading to it being cornered by [[Bryony]]. Out of desperation, it absorbed surrounding cells to transform into its 10% Forme, allowing it to use {{m|Land's Wrath}} to force Bryony and her subordinates to retreat. Although this exhausted it, it absorbed light to heal itself.
[[File:Bonnie and Squishy.png|thumb|left|250px|Bonnie and Squishy]]