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Sinnoh Route 214

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In the Pokémon Adventures manga
[[File:Sinnoh Route 214 Adventures.png|thumb|250px|Route 214 in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
Route 214 appeared in ''[[PS406|Halting Honchkrow]]'', where {{adv|Pearl}} was seen fighting his way through of masses of {{tc|Galactic Grunt|Team Galactic Grunts}} stationed on this route on his way to Veilstone City to save {{p|Azelf}} from [[Team Galactic HQ|Team Galactic's headquarters]]. Unfortunately, the [[gate]] to Veilstone City was heavily guarded, and Pearl, knowing that he would only tire himself of battling even if he managed to break through the guards, was stuck in a [[Maniac Tunnel|nearby cave]]. Thankfully, he then encountered Grumpy and Flaky, a pair of {{p|Unown}} he and {{adv|Diamond}} had befriended earlier at the [[Solaceon Ruins]]. He soon came to realize that the Galactic Bomb that [[Team Galactic]] had exploded at [[Lake Valor]] two days earlier had created the cave he was in, connecting the Solaceon Ruins to Route 214. Grumpy and Flaky then summoned swarms of their fellow Unown to help Pearl, and beat the Grunts blocking the gate with a barrage of {{m|Hidden Power}}, allowing Pearl to plow through them and enter Veilstone City.