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Maniac Tunnel

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'''Maniac Tunnel''' (Japanese: '''マニアトンネル''' ''Maniac Tunnel'') is a tunnel that leads between {{rt|214|Sinnoh}} and the [[Solaceon Ruins]]. Before the digging is complete, it is known as '''Ruin Maniac Cave''' (Japanese: '''いせきマニアのあな''' ''Ruin Maniac Hole'').
The Ruin Maniac (who uses the sprite of a {{tc|Ruin ManiacCollector}}, in spite of his name), when the player first encounters him, will propose a race: he will dig straight through the mountain as the player captures the different {{p|Unown}}. This race, of course, ends in a tie; after the player has captured the 26 Unown that are in the form of letters, the tunnel itself will extend straight through to the previously-inaccessible upper chamber of the ruins, where only the {{DL|List of Pokémon with form differences|Unown|? and ! forms of Unown}} are available.
As the player progressively catches the various forms of Unown, the cave will lengthen, and the availabilitiesencounter rates of the Pokémon in the cave will alterchange (specifically, {{p|Hippopotas}} will be more common). Also, when player has 10-25 Unown caught, Ruin Maniac claims he is now known as '''Digging Maniac''' (Japanese: '''あなほりマニア''' ''Hole Digging Maniac'').
* The concept of Ruin Maniac Cave/Maniac Tunnel is similar to that of [[Three Isle Path]]'s concept: a person is trying to dig through a cave, and the player must finish certain conditions for the person to dig further.
* This is the only location in the [[Sinnoh]] locationregion wherethat wild {{p|Hippopotas}} can be found.
* The Ruin Maniac uses the {{tc|Collector}} sprite.
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