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Maniac Tunnel

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==In the manga==
[[File:Maniac Tunnel Adventures.png|thumb|220px|Maniac Tunnel in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
InThe Maniac Tunnel appeared in ''[[PS406|Halting Honchkrow]]'', where {{adv|Pearl}} hideshided in the cave while he thinksthinking of a way to get past some {{tc|Galactic Grunt}}s blocking the way[[gate]] into [[Veilstone City]]. HeTo his surprise, he then encountersencountered two {{p|Unown}}, Grumpy and Flaky, whom he and {{adv|Diamond|his}} {{adv|Platinum|friends}} had met earlier at the Solaceon Ruins. HeUpon inspectsinspecting the cave andmore discoversclosely, thathe thediscovered cavethat it and the ruins arewere connected. He encountersalso came to realize that the cave had been formed when [[Team Galactic]] used the Galactic Bomb at [[Lake Valor]] a couple days earlier. With the help of other Unown from the ruins, Grumpy and hasFlaky defeated the PokémonGrunts attackblocking the Gruntsgate, allowing himPearl to sneakenter inVeilstone the cityCity and the [[Team Galactic HQ]] unnoticed.