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Johto Safari Zone

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Trivia: Pure coincidences are neither interesting nor notable.
* This is the first Safari Zone not to put a limit on the number of steps a player can take before being forced out. The [[Hoenn Safari Zone]] in {{g|Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire}} also does not have a step limit.
* The two construction workers outside of the Safari Zone, in the [[Safari Zone Gate]], imply that they are the ones who move the Safari Zone areas; they mention that most people would think a complicated system would be in place, as well as complaining about aches and pains.
* Interestingly, this Safari Zone is located nearest to the city with the fifth Johto League Gym, [[Cianwood City]]. Both the [[Kanto Safari Zone]] and [[Great Marsh]] are also located in cities where the fifth Gym Leader is faced in their respective regions, though [[Crasher Wake]] only falls fifth in {{game|Platinum}}.
* Should the player use a [[cheating|wallhack]] to walk through the Safari Zone Gate without going through reception first, the Safari Zone will be 6 plain squares and the only Pokémon that will show up is a level 20 {{p|Rattata}}. However, the battle will go as it would anywhere else, instead of bringing up the Safari Zone's catching interface.