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Plot: Singular
Scraggy is paralyzed with fear at first, but then tries a Headbutt attack. Everyone is shocked that Scraggy would make such a reckless move, and before the attack can land, Scraggy is hit by Galvantula's {{m|Electro Ball}} attack! Then Galvantula launches an {{m|Electroweb}} attack, and follows up with a {{m|Pin Missile}} attack, both of which hit for massive damage and send Scraggy flying backwards! Ash catches Scraggy, and when he sees that Galvantula is charging up another Electro Ball attack, he orders a Thunderbolt attack from Pikachu, which hits Galvantula, and drives it back into hiding in the tree. Ash asks if Scraggy is all right, and Cilan observes that it did suffer direct hits from Galvantula's attacks. Scraggy attempts to stand up and walk, but it is far too weak, and it is paralyzed. Ash asks Cilan if there is a [[Pokémon Center]] nearby, but Cilan responds in the negative. Iris says to leave this to her, and she and Axew jump into the bushes to look for medicinal plants to heal Scraggy. Axew finds one of the plants that they were looking for, and Iris congratulates him on a good find, and says that they should look for plants that recover health next. Back at camp, Iris mixes up the medicine for Scraggy, and Ash feeds it to him, but it does not taste very good. Iris prescribes a good night's rest, and Ash tells it to take a nice rest.
We then check back in with Team Rocket. A helicopter is approaching in the distance, and it is signaled in for a landing by James. The trio quickly board the helicopter, which then takes off again. Inside, the trio areis met by Pierce, who explains that the helicopter is Team Rocket's mobile laboratory. He then introduces [[Dr. Zager]]. Dr. Zager then says that he wants the Meteonite that the trio stole from the {{DL|Nacrene City|Nacrene Museum}}. James hands it over, and Dr. Zager says that he will begin his analysis immediately. A machine begins analyzing the Meteonite with a green laser. Dr. Zager says that there is no doubt, that the material that the Meteonite is made of is not found on Earth. The laser then changes to a red color, and the Meteonite begins to glow a bright purple color! Dr. Zager remarks excitedly that this is exactly the reaction he had been hoping for! The laser then turns off, and the glowing stops. Dr. Zager orders them to hurry, saying he needs to analyze the Meteonite further. Then Pierce says that they should head to the location of their next operation, to which the trio responds in the affirmative, and the helicopter flies off into the distance.
The next morning, Scraggy awakens, surrounded by Ash and friends. Ash asks if Scraggy is feeling okay, to which it responds in the affirmative, which relieves Ash. Iris is glad to see that it has recovered, and Cilan asks Scraggy if it can remember what happened yesterday. Scraggy remembers, and then Ash says that Iris found medicinal plants to help him, and Iris says that Axew helped too. When Ash says that Scraggy needs to be grateful to everyone, it jumps up and stomps off! Ash asks where Scraggy is going, and Axew follows it. Scraggy stomps up to the tree where the Galvantula was the night before, and begins to headbutt it. This time, a whole colony of Galvantula are awakened! When Axew sees this, he is alarmed, and goes back to get the others. Back at camp, Axew tells the others what has happened. Ash calls out the rest of his Pokémon, and tells them they must go and save Scraggy!