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Plot: copyedit
The episode starts up onwith {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} eating their lunchtime snack. While they're eating, {{an|Serena}} comes by with Poké Puffs, but with only crumbs left, since {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}} ate them all. {{TP|Serena|Pancham}} becomes angry, and starts fighting with Chespin which {{an|Clemont}} and Serena try to end. However, the two Pokémon continue fighting across the field.
We eventually see [[Nini|a girl]]'s {{p|Smoochum}} and her crying {{p|Farfetch'd}}. The girl then asks what Clemont and Serena are doing to her Pokémon, and asks if those "ill-mannered" Pokémon are theirs, and that Chespin and Pancham were using {{m|Tackle}} for no reason. Clemont and Serena tell Chespin and Pancham that they need to apologize. Ash joins in and apologizes too. The girl accepts their apologies and reveals she is practicing for a [[Pokémon Showcase]], which Serena is participating as well. It will be their first time doing it.
The scene cuts, as Ash wishes good luck to Serena. Serena starts off her showcase with Fennekin using {{m|Flamethrower}} as Pancham dangerously spins through the Flamethrower. Ash and friends aren't the only ones watching, as we see {{TRT}} off in the distance. Jessie looks as Smoochum's lips which she thinks are beautiful, and decides to steal Smoochum to win the showcase. James asks why Jessie isn't planning to steal Pikachu, Jessie says she is willing to do that ''after'' stealing Smoochum, as stealing Smoochum could help her gain the title "Kalos Queen".
Serena's act continues, and Fennekin uses Flamethrower once again around the purple light in the sky. This ends her performance, and everyone comments saying they loved the act. The girl says Pancham's acrobatics didn't fit with the performance - itperformance—it didn't match Fennekin's part of the performance. Smoochum falls in love with Pancham and Pancham tries to avoid Smoochum. It is suggested that Pancham and Smoochum (described as the perfect couple) should dance together, so they do so. When the dance is over, everyone claps. The girl then asks if Serena wants to trade Pancham for one of her Pokémon. However, Serena says she is unwilling to trade Pancham as it is the first Pokémon she caught and Pancham will be going to be Serena's showcase partner. The girl's name is now revealed to be Nini.
Team Rocket arrive, disguised, and {{an|James}} introduces {{an|Jessie}} as La Grande Dame Brûlée, cream of the choreographer crop. Nini asks if they can help them, but James says La Grande Dame Brûlée is "anything but cheap", but Jessie says they will help for free. The scene cuts and Jessie and James actually ''help'' Nini and Serena. Jessie tells the Pokémon to lift their left and right legs. She then tells them to shift their bodies left and right. Jessie and James then inflate a balloon and have the Pokémon go inside there, that way their movements will be more economical. Rather than adjust their movements, Jessie just uses the balloon to ''steal'' the Pokémon. Serena mentions she thought they were having a lesson, then La Grande Dame Brûlée reveals herself to be Jessie in disguise. Nini asks for an explanation who Team Rocket is, and Clemont tells Nini they're a team who attempts stealing Pokémon.