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Zygarde debuts in the {{chap|X & Y}}. It was first mentioned by {{adv|Blue}}, who aimed to find it in order to stop the endless battle between {{p|Xerneas}} and {{p|Yveltal}}. It appeared in person at [[Anistar City]], where it was sought after by [[Emma|Essentia]], who aimed to capture it for Team Flare. When {{adv|X}} and {{adv|Y}} battle Essentia in order to retrieve Y's stolen Xerxer, Zygarde appeared before them and attacked before Essentia manages to successfully capture it.
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Image:Spear Pillar Giratina Pt.png|The creation trio at the [[Spear Pillar]] in {{v2|Platinum}}
File:HGSS Unown Arceus event.png|At the [[Sinjoh Ruins]] with {{p|Arceus}}
File:Arceus create HGSS.png|Arceus creating a member of the trio
File:Dragon hatch HGSS.png|A member of the creation trio being hatched