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In the manga
Zygarde debuts in the {{chap|X & Y}}. It was first mentioned by {{adv|Blue}}, who aimed to find it in order to stop the endless battle between {{p|Xerneas}} and {{p|Yveltal}}. It appeared in person at [[Anistar City]], where it was sought after by [[Emma|Essentia]], who aimed to capture it for Team Flare. When {{adv|X}} and {{adv|Y}} battle Essentia in order to retrieve Y's stolen Xerxer, Zygarde appeared before them and attacked before Essentia manages to successfully capture it.
===In the Pokémon Diamond & Pearl Adventure! manga===
In this manga Dialga is more prominent than Palkia or Giratina. For [[Hareta]], one of the goals of his journey is to meet Dialga. Dialga also is the one summoned by Cyrus at the Spear Pillar. After Hareta stopped him, Palkia appeared.
Later, Hareta battles with Giratina in the [[Distortion World]].