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The episode opens up with {{Ash}} and {{Ashfr}} at a [[Pokémon Center]] after being caught in a downpour. In the mean time, Pikachu and Ash's other Pokémon receive a check-up by [[Nurse Joy]] and [[Nurse Joy's Wigglytuff|Wigglytuff]]. After {{an|Bonnie}} exclaims that the rain is never going to stop, {{an|Clemont}} pulls out his invention called the [[List of Clemont's inventions|"Weather Predictor"]] which collects data including the movement of rain clouds, wind, humidity and temperature to predict the weather. Clemont raises the analysis speed to make it work faster, but causes the invention to explode.
Ash receives his Pokémon back and Nurse Joy states they are all perfectly fine.
Rain leaking from the ceiling causes a black out in the Pokémon Center. Clemont asks if he can have a look at the main electricity system and Nurse Joy and Wigglytuff guide them to it. Reaching there, Clemont realizes the leak has caused a {{wp|short circuit}}. Nurse Joy worries because she is still in the middle of treating some Pokémon. Clemont is determined to fix the problem.
Meanwhile, Ash climbs to the roof but then slips. He sends out {{TP|Ash|Hawlucha}} and {{TP|Ash|Frogadier}} and asks them to help him fix the roof. Firstly, he asks Frogadier to make some [[Frubbles]] to stop him from slipping. Ash uses the Frubbles to get to the damaged part of the roof. While Hawlucha holds down a plank of wood, Ash asks Frogadier to look for more holes on the roof. Meanwhile, {{TP|Clemont|Bunnelby}} scrubs the wet floor down next to Clemont, while Dedenne snoozes off.
After a while, Nurse Joy comes to see Clemont and asks how he is going and if he needs anything. Clemont asks for a spare fuse. Nurse Joy replies that she has no spare but that there is a store nearby. Suddenly, the system explodes again and Clemont goes hurriedly back into work. At that time, {{TP|Clemont|Chespin}} comes out of its ball saying that it will get the fuse. Chespin and Bunnelby head out to get the fuse.
The rain has stopped outside and Clemont straps a purse around Chespin's neck containing instructions for Chespin to show the shopkeeper. Clemont instructs Chespin and Bunnelby that the shop is straight down the path and warns them not to stray. Ash asks where the two are going to and Clemont answers that they are heading off on an errand. Clemont goes inside while Ash continues fixing the roof.
Meanwhile, Chespin and Bunnelby continue to the store, but eventually meet {{TRT}}. Team Rocket says their [[Team Rocket mottos|motto]] and {{an|James}} asks them to surrender. However, Chespin and Bunnelby decide to fight them. {{an|Jessie}} sends out {{TP|Jessie|Gourgeist}} and commands it to use {{m|Shadow Ball}}. James takes out {{TP|James|Inkay}} and asks them to surrender again. Meowth teases them that they cannot even do one simple errand, and Chespin remembers that Clemont is counting on it to finish the errand. Chespin charges forward, but Inkay retaliates with {{m|Tackle}}. James orders Inkay to fire a {{m|Psybeam}} but Bunnelby blocks it with {{m|Mud Shot}}. Jessie commands Gourgeist to use {{m|Seed Bomb}} but Chespin blocks with {{m|Vine Whip}}. Jessie gets mad and commands Gourgeist to use Shadow Ball again. However, its attack is blocked by Fletchinder, and Ash and Noibat arrive.
Shocked, Team Rocket switches to Plan B. Ash is about to begin his battle, but Bunnelby digs and comes out to fire a Mud Shot onto the faces of Team Rocket and their Pokémon. Chespin then uses {{m|Pin Missile}} causing {{TRT}} to blast off. Ash exclaims that he needn't need to worry all along and tells them to finish the errand.
The group arrive at the Pokémon Center and Clemont compliments them. Clemont uses the new fuse to fix the system, while Luxray and Pikachu continue to power the Center. Clemont completes his jobs and turns the electricity back on.
* {{p|Fearow}}
[[File:Title Card XY Clemont V2.png|200px|thumb|The title card segment focuses on Clemont for this episode]]
* In the Japanese version, the title card segment focuses on, and is read by, {{an|Clemont}}.
[[de:Eine abenteuerliche Besorgung! (Episode)]]