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Pumpkaboo appeared in ''[[XY046|The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos!]]'', using her flashlight ability to light up a cave for Jessie. They quickly ran into a wild {{p|Salamence}}, and Pumpkaboo and Jessie played dead in order to confuse it. While the Salamence tried to figure out what happened, Jessie put a device on its head. This caused Salamence to go into a rampage, sending Team Rocket blasting off. Pumpkaboo was later seen at the [[Pokémon Center]], being healed of her injuries from Salamence.
In ''[[XY060|A Showcase Debut!]]'', Pumpkaboo was used in the {{ci|Coumarine}} Rookie Class [[Pokémon Showcase]]. Jessie dressed Pumpkaboo up as a scarecrow for the Theme Performance, where she was matched against {{an|Shauna}}'s {{p|Bulbasaur}} and [[Alouette]]'s {{p|Furfrou}}. Her costume and accessories were not well- received by the audience members and she ended up receiving the least amount of votes, thus being eliminated from the competition.
[[File:Jessie Pumpkaboo Coumarine Showcase.png|thumb|250px|In her first Showcase as a Pumpkaboo]]
While not as playful as [[James's Inkay]], Gourgeist as a Pumpkaboo seems to be a very cheerful and energetic Pokémon; this can be seen when she often dances, spins around or sings during her battles, sometimes even childishly changing her tone of voice when attacking. She is shown to get excited and proud of herself when doing well in battle, such as in ''[[XY038|Forging Forest Friendships!]]'' when [[Ash's Hawlucha]] missed with {{m|Flying Press}} due to Pumpkaboo being a {{type|Ghost}}. She's also shown to have a tendency to flash her lights repeatedly as shown in ''[[XY011|The Bamboozling Forest!]]'', when Pumpkaboo was startled by Jessie, though she used this ability to good effect in ''[[XY046|The Clumsy Crier Quiets the Chaos!]]''. As a Gourgeist, she is shown to mirror her Trainer's mannerisms such as in ''[[XY105|Party Dancecapades!]]'', when she mimicked Jessie's frustration at James' loss against {{an|Serena}} and {{Ash}}.
In ''[[XY081|A Festival Trade! A Festival Farewell?]]'' she felt awkward when [[Count Pumpka]]'s {{p|Pumpkaboo}} displayed affections for her, not feeling the same way, but got angry when Jessie considered trading her away and stubbornly entertained the Small Size Pumpkaboo's affections. Count Pumpka's Pumpkaboo rejected her after evolution and Jessie was angered, exclaiming that her Pokémon was caring and reliable. Gourgeist was overwhelmed with happiness to hear Jessie defend her and they reunited. The two of them continued acting affectionately in ''[[XY082XY083|Over the Mountain of Snow!]]''.
==Moves used==
{{anmov|normal|Frustration|XY021|A PokéVision of Things to Come!}}
{{anmov|Dark|Dark Pulse|XY029|Heroes - Friends and Faux Alike!|rec=yes}}
{{anmov|grass|Seed Bomb|XY082XY083|Over the Mountain of Snow!|rec=yes}}