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Professor Sycamore

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He appeared again in ''[[XY079|Performing with Fiery Charm!]]'' where he watched Serena competing in the [[Dendemille Town]] [[Pokémon Showcase]] along with his lab assistants [[Sophie]] and [[Cosette]].
He reappeared in ''[[XY091XY092|Cloudy Fate, Bright Future!]]'' where he arrived in [[Anistar City]] to research the origins of the mysterious Anistar Sundial which is said to have a connection with Mega Evolution. He was interrupted by [[Carrie (XY091XY092)|Carrie]], who mistakenly accuses Sycamore of the looming crisis [[Olympia]] predicted. In the [[XY093|next episode]], Professor Sycamore watched Ash's Gym Battle against Olympia. After Ash's win, he discussed with Olympia about her visions of the future.
Professor Sycamore made a brief appearance in [[XY112]] and [[XY113]], watching Serena's performance in the [[Glorio City]] Master Class Pokémon Showcase along with his assistants.