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===Villainous Team===
Within the game, depending on the version, the villainous team, '''Team Shadow''' will seek to use the power of Solamasa or Masamoone to cause an eclipse and blanket the land in darkness. In the third version, Team Shadow attempts to use both Pokémon, but only rouse them into renewing their battle. Thus, Starsanagi is called upon to quell their fighting once again. To reach their goal, Team Shadow uses powerful machines to try and control the minds of Pokémon, and is in the process of refining the technique to be strong enough to effect Solamasa and Masamoone. The leader of Team Shadow is '''Selena''', whowhose alsoultimate harborsgoal ais secretto keptfulfill quieta rightprophecy upthat untilsays thewhen enddarkness ofcovers the, Herthe ultimatewarriors goalof islight toand fulfilldarkness awill prophecymeet thatto saysbattle whenatop darknessa coversgreat the landtower, and the Pokemon of the Stars will appear before the victor.
Selena ultimately seizes control of one of the two Pokemon, causes an eclipse, and then in battle crushes the player with her legendary. She tells them to find the other Pokémon and meet her at the Celestial Ruins, an ancient tower believed to be where the two fought along ago, to challenge her, so they can reenact the ancient battle. The player retrieves the other Pokémon and meets Selena, and a one-on-one legendary battle is held. In the aftermath, Starsanagi descends and quells the fight, and the two Pokémon depart. Selena, confused and angry, says it wasn't the Pokémon it should have been, and battles the player, furious and blaming them for what happened. After the battle she departs.
===Gym Leaders/Elite Four===
When the player catches both Solamasa and Masamoone, Starsanagi can be captured. With all three Pokemon in their party, the player can find Selena in the ruins of her childhood home, despairing after her loss and fearing she was only ever competent with the legendary Pokemon's help. Her true partner, the Pokemon of the Stars, descends, hearing her despair again, and apologizes for being forced to leave her when her wish was granted. While it can only grant a person one wish and thus cannot accept her request to stay, the Pokemon offers the player a wish. The player wishes on Selena's behalf, and the two set off on a new adventure, a reformed and reinvigorated Selena thanking the player and the Pokemon gifting them an egg that will hatch into another of itself for the player's Pokedex. After this time, under certain conditions the player can return to find Selena and battle her.
As the prophecy says, the warriors of light and shadow clashed atop a great tower (Pokémon League), and the Pokémon of the Stars appeared to the victor. While not outrated stated, the prophecy was not about the two Legendary Pokémon; it was about the player and Selena.