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{{Ash}}, {{an|Brock}}, {{an|May}}, and [[Max]] are traveling down a bright road. It's very hot and everyone is sweaty, tired, and desperate to find shelter. But where they're traveling on is nothing more than a dirt road with an expansive grass field and just a tree here and there and Max's [[PokéNav]] can't get a signal from their current location. Max stops to ask May for some water as he ran out. May gives her thermos to Max, who finds out that it's empty as well. Both collapse in shock while Ash looks back. He sees a ball of water floating in the distance, and is a bit confused before he mentions "Water". Max and May both perk up to see before Max begins running off towards where the water ball's direction.
They come across what appears to be several water balls, with {{type|Water}} Pokémon in them, and in the middle of it all stands a female teenager. Max goes up to her and asks if he can have some water, to which she gives permission. Max then goes to a nearby water ball and begins sucking some water from it, but a {{p|Gorebyss}} pokes Max away. The rest of the gang comes by, and the teenager asks who they are. {{Ash}} and {{ashfr}} introduce themselves, except Brock who takes a good look at her and finally declares out that the teenager is [[Lizabeth]]. Brock then gets his little book of women he admires out of his [[bag|backpack]] and then pulls up Lizabeth's page. He explains that Lizabeth and her family run an outside circus show with water Pokémon. {{AP|Pikachu}} wanders off a bit to find a {{p|Meditite}} and {{p|Medicham}} duo with a couple of {{p|Poliwag}} and a {{p|Poliwhirl}}. They greet Pikachu with the water Pokémon {{m|Water Gun|shooting some water out}} while the Meditite and Medicham use {{m|Psychic}} to form it into a Pikachu-shaped figure. The gang understands how the water balls are formed.
Several people soon come out of the trailer, wondering who Ash and company were. Lizabeth says that they're acquaintances and are just looking for some water. They all introduce themselves, the family of performers that runs the circus. The mother is [[Meredith]], the father is {{OBP|Kyle|M09}}, and the grandfather is [[Ship]]. They also have a clown who just joined them recently. May comments on how young Meredith looks, thinking she was Lizabeth's older sister. Meredith laughs and accidentally smacks May on her head a little too hard as she does.