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The '''Street Corner Channel''' (Japanese: '''まちかどチャンネル''' ''Street Corner Channel'') is a radio channel that can be heard using the [[Pokégear]] in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}. The host, {{DL|DJ|Snap}}, broadcasts a show called '''Trainer Profiles''' (Japanese: '''トレーナープロフィール''' ''Trainer Profile''), which describes {{DL|Pokémon Trainer|Trainer class}}es found in the game randomly. It switches with the [[Town Channel]] every hour.
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'''Places and People''' (Japanese: '''あのまち このひと''' ''That Town, These People'') is a radio program broadcast from [[Kanto]] in {{game2|Gold|Silver|Crystal}}. The program broadcasts on channel 16.5 on the [[Pokégear]], and is hosted by {{DL|DJ|Lily}}. In Pokémon Crystal, an EXPN Card is required to listen to the program on a PokéGear; however, players can listen to the show on radios in Kanto houses before then.
In the Japanese versions, the program That Town, These People is also aired on the Street Corner Channel; it is aired on the Town Channel in the English version.
The program pulls the name of a random {{pkmn|Trainer}} the {{player}} has fought, or a random location, and then applies a random quality to it.
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The program "That Town, These People" that aired on the [[Town Channel]] in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}} shares its Japanese name with Places and People.
! {{roundytl|5px}}" colspan="2" | Trainer
==List of quotes==
! {{roundytr|5px}}" | Description
* ''<Trainer>'' is actually great.
|- style="background:#{{poison color light}}"
* ''<Trainer>'' is always happy.
| align="center" | {{tc|Biker}}
* ''<Trainer>'' is cute.
| align="center" | [[File:Biker IV OD.png]]
* ''<Trainer>'' is definitely odd!
| Hey kid, get out of my way! If you hang around, I'll smack you! Get out of the way. Out of the way. My Bike is coming through! It's so very loud, you'll cover your ears! We'll line up and get in the way. Go ahead. Try to stop us Bikers!
* ''<Trainer>'' is inspiring!
|- style="background:#{{flying color light}}"
* ''<Trainer>'' is just my type.
| align="center" | {{tc|Bird Keeper}}
* ''<Trainer>'' is just so-so.
| align="center" | [[File:Bird Keeper Guitarist HGSS OD.png]]
* ''<Trainer>'' is kind of weird.
| | Flying majestically through the sky. Rejecting the land for the open air. Gradually flapping its wings. Riding the wind to soar high into the sky! I want to fly there, too, sometime! The Bird Keeper!
* ''<Trainer>'' is precocious.
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* ''<Trainer>'' is quite noisy.
| align="center" | {{tc|Black Belt}}
* ''<Trainer>'' is right for me?
| align="center" | [[File:Black Belt HGSS OD.png]]
* ''<Trainer>'' is so cool, no?
| I can break ten roof tiles in one chop! Some people think I'm just a hooligan. The palm of my hand becomes covered in blisters. I never forget to bow, and I shout out to psych myself up! I'm the Black Belt!
* ''<Trainer>'' is sort of OK.
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* ''<Trainer>'' is sort of lazy.
| align="center" | {{tc|Bug Catcher}}
* ''<Trainer>'' is somewhat bold.
| align="center" | [[File:Bug Catcher IV OD.png]]
* ''<Trainer>'' is too picky!
| This boy loves Bug types! He's so energetic, and he doesn't mind running through thick grass to catch Bug-type Pokémon! He does what he wants, on the hills and in the fields, the Bug Catcher!
|- style="background:#{{locationcolor/light|forest}}"
| align="center" | {{tc|Camper}}
| align="center" | [[File:Camper OD.png]]
| | Singing in the cabin. Laa... Laa... La la la la... The plan is to take a three-night, four-day holiday. To fish off the boat, hike in the mountains, and look for {{p|Eevee}} in the east and west. That's the Camper!
|- style="background:#{{fire color light}}"
| align="center" | {{tc|Firebreather}}
| align="center" | [[File:Firebreather OD.png]]
| The day has come to an end, but it's still bright. That's strange, you'd think. There's an intense fire burning, and it looks like it's going to burn them. He doesn't need a candle. He's a human ablaze, carelessly playing with fire. The Firebreather!
|- style="background:#{{water color light}}"
| align="center" | {{tc|Fisherman}}
| align="center" | [[File:Fisherman IV OD.png]]
| Dropping a line in the cold water, in the hopes of catching something big. The line is yanked. The float drops underwater. What was caught? Some lively rubber boots! This poor Fisherman!
|- style="background:#{{locationcolor/light|mountain}}"
| align="center" | {{tc|Hiker}}
| align="center" | [[File:Hiker IV OD.png]]
| Yaho... Yaho... Yahohoho... Singing in a loud voice without worrying about what's around. A bearded man shouts to the sky. From the far mountain. Yahohoho... So happy the echo came back to the Hiker!
|- style="background:#{{locationcolor/light|forest}}"
| align="center" | {{tc|Picnicker}}
| align="center" | [[File:Picnicker OD.png]]
| Greeting you with a peace sign, stuffing drinks into a cooler, smiling brightly while hiking through the mountains, you can see her clearly on the horizon. Oh no! Forgot the lunchbox! The number one rule is to protect nature. The Picnicker!
|- style="background:#{{ground color light}}"
| align="center" | {{tc|Poké Maniac}}
| align="center" | [[File:Poké Maniac OD.png]]
| This is so cool isn't it? The tail is such a great shape. Want to trade figurines? Want to come over and see my collection? Oh hey! This mark is in the wrong place. Looks like I fell for a counterfeit... But it's art anyway! That's a Poké Maniac!
|- style="background:#{{berries color light}}"
| align="center" | {{tc|Pokéfan}}
| align="center" | [[File:Pokéfan HGSS OD.png]]
| Hold it close, cheek to cheek. I always want to be with you, surrounded by wonderful Pokémon. I'll mutter your name. So happy, I'm dizzy. I love Pokémon! That's a Pokéfan!
|- style="background:#{{locationcolor/light|ocean}}"
| align="center" | {{tc|Sailor}}
| align="center" | [[File:Sailor OD.png]]
| A strong guy on a boat, plunging on through the waves. Dancing and singing and having a merry old time. But gentle as kittens once they get back on land. That's a Sailor!
|- style="background:#{{normal color light}}"
| align="center" | {{tc|School Kid}}
| align="center" | [[File:School Kid m HGSS OD.png]]
| Had plenty of success. Learning through constant repetition. Recklessly carrying around notebooks. Attending classes for gifted kids. A wonderful Pokémon Trainer, that School Kid!
|- style="background:#{{water color light}}"
| align="center" | {{tc|Swimmer}}♂
| align="center" | [[File:Swimmer m HGSS OD.png]]
| Accidentally inhaling a little ocean water, he now has a sore nose. Swimming around the rocks, pushing ahead with a breaststroke, tirelessly swimming along, and getting a leg cramp! His lungs expand easily but it's an unlucky day-- it's raining! That poor Swimmer!
|- style="background:#{{water color light}}"
| align="center" | {{tc|Swimmer}}♀
| align="center" | [[File:Swimmer f HGSS OD.png]]
| A silhouette like that of Venus. An adorably dazzling smile. A nickname of "Mermaid." Swimming around carefree in the early afternoon. Feeling hungry but on a diet. The number of enthusiastic fans. Droplets of water in her dimples. Playing in the water rather than taking a walk, this Swimmer!
|- style="background:#{{normal color light}}"
| align="center" style="{{roundybl|5px}}" | {{tc|Twins}}
| align="center" | [[File:Twin HGSS OD.png]]
| style="{{roundybr|5px}}" | These two are always together. They have the same birthday. They always eat together. Do you think you can tell them apart? These Twins!
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