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The '''Town Channel''' (Japanese: '''まちかどチャンネル''' ''Street Corner Channel'') is a channel that broadcasts '''That Town, These People''' (Japanese: '''あのまち このひと''' ''That Town, These People'') in {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}. It features the top three parts of the towns and cities in both [[Johto]] and [[Kanto]]. It is broadcasted by an unknown announcer. It switches every hour with the [[Street Corner Channel]].
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'''Places and People''' (Japanese: '''あのまち このひと''' ''That Town, These People'') is a radio program broadcast from [[Kanto]] in {{game2|Gold|Silver|Crystal}}. The program broadcasts on channel 16.5 on the [[Pokégear]], and is hosted by {{DL|DJ|Lily}}. In Pokémon Crystal, an EXPN Card is required to listen to the program on a PokéGear; however, players can listen to the show on radios in Kanto houses before then.
The program pulls the name of a random {{pkmn|Trainer}} the {{player}} has fought, or a random location, and then applies a random quality to it.
In the Japanese version, That Town, These People is aired on the Street Corner Channel, as the Town Channel is not a distinct channel in those versions.
The program "That Town, These People" programthat sharesaired itson Japanese name withthe [[PlacesTown and PeopleChannel]] fromin {{game2game|GoldHeartGold and SoulSilver|Silver|Crystals}} shares its Japanese name with Places and People.
==List of quotes==
* ''<Trainer>'' is actually great.
* ''<Trainer>'' is always happy.
* ''<Trainer>'' is cute.
* ''<Trainer>'' is definitely odd!
* ''<Trainer>'' is inspiring!
* ''<Trainer>'' is just my type.
* ''<Trainer>'' is just so-so.
* ''<Trainer>'' is kind of weird.
* ''<Trainer>'' is precocious.
* ''<Trainer>'' is quite noisy.
* ''<Trainer>'' is right for me?
* ''<Trainer>'' is so cool, no?
* ''<Trainer>'' is sort of OK.
* ''<Trainer>'' is sort of lazy.
* ''<Trainer>'' is somewhat bold.
* ''<Trainer>'' is too picky!
{| class="sortable roundy" style="margin:auto; width:auto; text-align:center; background: #{{kanto color light}}; border: 3px solid #{{johto color}};"
! Town
! 3rd best
! 2nd best
! 1st best
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[New Bark Town]]
|Weather vanes
|[[Professor Elm]]'s laboratory
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Cherrygrove City]]
|Roar of the waves
|Flower beds
|Guide Gent
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Violet City]]
|The bridge
|Pokémon Center
|[[Sprout Tower]]
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Azalea Town]]
|{{p|Farfetch'd}}'s [[charcoal]]
|[[Slowpoke Well]]
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Goldenrod City]]
|Dress-Up Guy
|[[Global Terminal]]
|[[Goldenrod Radio Tower]]
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Olivine City]]
|Olivine Café
|[[S.S. Aqua]]
|[[Glitter Lighthouse]]
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Ecruteak City]]
|[[Burned Tower]]
|Dance Theater
|[[Bellchime Trail]]
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Cianwood City]]
|Cianwood Pharmacy
|Catching {{p|Krabby}}
|Guide Lady
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Mahogany Town]]
|Fire lookout points
|[[Rage Candy Bar|RageCandyBars]]
|Strange souvenir shop
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Blackthorn City]]
|[[Dragon's Den]]
|[[Ice Path]]
|Move Deleter and Tutor House
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Pallet Town]]
|{{ga|Red}}'s house
|{{ga|Blue}}'s house
|[[Professor Oak]]'s laboratory
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Viridian City]]
|[[Viridian Gym]]
|[[Trainer House]]
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Pewter City]]
|Flower bed
|Traveling grandpa
|[[Pewter Museum of Science]]
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Cerulean City]]
|Bike Shop
|Nugget Bridge
|[[Cerulean Cave]]
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Lavender Town]]
|[[Name Rater]]
|Kanto Radio Tower
|House of Memories
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Vermilion City]]
|Construction site
|Pier Gate
|[[Pokémon Fan Club]]
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Celadon City]]
|[[Celadon Condominiums]]
|[[Celadon Department Store]]
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Fuchsia City]]
|[[Fuchsia Gym]]
|[[Pal Park]]
|Trio of {{p|Aipom}}
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Cinnabar Island]]
|- style="background:#fff"
|[[Saffron City]]
|Mr. Psychic
|[[Fighting Dojo]]
|[[Silph Co.]]
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