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'''Pokédex Show''' (Japanese: '''よくわかる ポケモンずかん''' ''Understanding<!--Maybe there's some better word?--> the {{tt|Pokémon Gallery|Pokédex}}'') is a radio show available only in [[Johto]] in [[Generation II]]. It operates on radio frequency 4.5 from 4 AM to 10 AM each day. All the other times, [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk]] is broadcasted on that frequency. This show is not hosted by any known DJ.
'''Lucky Channel''' (Japanese: '''ラッキーチャンネル''' ''Lucky Channel'') is a radio program, and its corresponding station, which broadcast from the [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]] in [[Goldenrod City]] in {{game2|Gold|Silver|Crystal}}. The program is also referred to by its host {{DL|DJ|Reed}} as the '''Lucky Number Show''' ('''ラッキーナンバーキャンペーン''' ''Lucky Number Campaign'').
The Pokédex Show randomly generates Pokédex descriptions out of the Pokémon that the player has caught and stored in the Pokédex.
The station broadcasts in [[Johto]] on channel 8.5 of the [[Pokégear]]. The channel broadcasts a random [[Original Trainer|OT]] [[Trainer ID number|ID number]] which changes every {{DL|Days of the week|Friday}}. During the week, the player can visit the Radio Tower and talk to a man on the first floor. If any of the player's Pokémon in the [[party]] or in the [[Pokémon Storage System]] have an OT ID that in whole or in part matches the ID number for the week, they will receive a prize. The player may only receive a prize once per week, even if they have multiple Pokémon with winning IDs.
The show was removed in [[Generation IV]] (along with [[Lucky Channel]] and all of [[Kanto]]'s shows). Instead, [[Professor Oak's Pokémon Talk]] now airs for the entire day.
While the program is no longer broadcast in [[Generation IV]]'s [[Johto]], the [[Pokémon Lottery Corner|drawing itself]] remains on the Radio Tower's ground floor, changing daily, rather than weekly, and with the same prizes as the drawings in [[Hoenn]] and [[Sinnoh]].
The lucky numbers for the week are randomly generated the first time the player speaks with the man on the first floor of the Radio Tower<!-- (unconfirmed, but possibly also generated when the player switches to the Lucky Number radio channel)-->.
{{itemlist|PP Up|Trainer ID matched last two digits only|G=yes|S=yes|C=yes}}
{{itemlist|Exp. Share|Trainer ID matched last three or four digits only|G=yes|S=yes|C=yes}}
{{itemlist|Master Ball|Trainer ID matched exactly|G=yes|S=yes|C=yes}}
* {{DL|DJ|Reed}} occasionally says, "''...Repeating myself gets to be a drag...''"
* In {{game|HeartGold and SoulSilver|s}}, the poster announcing the Lucky Channel on the ground floor of the [[Goldenrod Radio Tower]] is still present, despite the program itself no longer being available. It reads "''Lucky Channel! Win with Pokémon ID numbers! Trade your Pokémon to collect different ID numbers!''"
** In the Japanese versions, the poster refers to the Lucky Channel as '''だいこうひょうポケモンくじ''' ''The Great Pokémon Lottery''. In the English versions, the name "Lucky Channel" is kept.
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