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|title_en=The Last Battle I |
|title_ja=最終決戦I |
|title_ro=The Last Battle I|
|image=PS167.png |
|chapter=Gold, Silver & Crystal |
|volume=14 |
|number=167 |
|location=[[Indigo Plateau]] |
|prev_round=Lugia and Ho-Oh on the Loose (Part 2) |
|next_round=The Last Battle II }}
'''The Last Battle I''' (Japanese: '''最終決戦I''' ''The Last Battle I'') is the 167th round of the {{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}} in the [[Pokémon Adventures]] manga.
This chapterround starts out with the [[Masked Man]] stating that he requires [[Kurt]] to create a [[Poké Ball]] to control time. He also contemplates {{adv|Crystal}}'s use of {{m|Future Sight}}, iterating that she was able to understand the concept of time well, even if for just a few seconds. After praising her, he recalls the goals of the past villainous groups, [[Team Rocket]] and the [[Elite Four]], and reveals that his goal is to have complete control of time. As Kurt pretends to not know how the control of time is possible, the Masked Man grabs his granddaughter and holds her in a threatening matter as he surreptitiously steals Kurt's manual, which has data on all types of special Poké Balls.
After he finds the information on the Poké Ball that can surpass time, Kurt mocks him, saying that the manual is worthless without the ingredients for the Poké Ball. The Masked Man then states that he already knows what the ingredients are, and, as he refers to the wings of {{padv|Tower duo|Ho-Oh}} and {{p|Lugia}}, his {{p|Delibird}} {{m|Thief|steals}}takes the {{DL|Legendary[[Silver artifactsWing|Rainbow Wing}}Silver]] and the {{DL|Legendary artifacts|Silver[[Rainbow Wing}}]]s from the [[Legendary Pokémon]] and gives them to his Trainerhim. While he states that he will finally gain control of time, {{Advadv|Gold}} grows angry over the prospect that Pokémon were being used just as ingredients and materials to the Masked Man. He then demands what Pokémon are to the Masked Man and gets the response that they are mere weapons.
The Masked Man then loses his patience with the conversation and attempts to attack both Gold and Crystal, but, as Gold pushes her out of the way, Crystal is unharmed while Gold takes the hit. Crystal then begs the Masked Man to stop, but is shrugged off as he flies away. As Gold gets up from the attack he had absorbed, he privately vows to not give up until the Masked Man is defeated.
The chapterround closes with the Masked Man flying on his Delibird towards [[Ilex Forest]], stating that he has finally obtained a "second chance at time."
==Major events==
* The [[Masked Man]] is revealed to have all the materials to make a [[GS Ball|time traveling Poké Ball]].
* {{Advadv|Gold}}
* {{Advadv|Crystal}}
* {{adv|Giovanni}} (flashback)
* [[Lance]] (flashback)
* [[Masked Man]]
* [[Kurt]]
* {{p|Eevee}} ([[Vee]]; {{adv|Red}}'s; flashback)
* {{p|Natu}} (Natee; {{adv|Crystal}}'s)
* {{p|Delibird}} ([[Masked Man]]'s)
* {{p|Lugia}} ({{DL|Tower duo (Adventures)|Lugia|Masked Man's}})
* {{p|Ho-Oh}} ({{DL|Tower duo (Adventures)|Ho-Oh|Masked Man's}})
* {{advp|Mewtwo}} ({{adv|Mewtwo|Adventures}}; flashback)
* All the chaptersrounds with the name ''"The Last Battle''" may have been named after the last book in the{{wp|The Chronicles of Narnia}}, also named ''{{wp|The Last Battle}}.''
*This In Japan, this is the first round in Pokémon Adventures in Japan to not have the word VS in it.
==In other languages==
|zh_cmn={{tt|最終決戰 I|The Last Battle I}} (Taiwan)<br>{{tt|最终决战 I|The Last Battle I}} (Mainland China)
|fr_eu={{tt|Le combat final - Partie 1|The final battle - Part 1}}
|ko={{tt|마지막 결전 I|The Last Battle I}}
|es_eu={{tt|La batalla final I|The final battle I}}
|vi = Trận chiến cuối cùng I
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