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|desc={{p|Gorebyss}} was first used at the Team Aqua Hideout. Amber used it to attack and destroy the illusions of Matt and Shelly that were created by [[Blaise]]'s {{p|Slugma}}. Later, it was used to attack Hoopa in order to maniuplate it into summoning Kyogre and Groudon back from their places of slumber. By pouring a single drop of water into another body of water, Gorebyss can shoot out a powerful blast with the strength of a {{pm|Hydro Pump}}.
None of Gorebyss's moves are known.}}
|desc=Amber owns multiple {{p|Volbeat}}. One was used at the [[Seafloor Cavern]] to distract [[Tabitha]] so Amber could steal the Blue Orb from him. It was put to sleep by Tabitha's {{p|Torkoal}} through the use of {{m|Yawn}}. The other two were used against Tabitha as well, but they were stopped by a {{m|Heat Wave}} that distracted them long enough for Tabitha to escape into the submarine. When Amber followed him inside, he used one of his Volbeat to switch the Blue Orb with a [[Figy Berry]] by using Trick. The Volbeat then took the Blue Orb to Archie so that he could use it to control Kyogre. The Volbeat were left behind after Archie betrayed Amber by locking him and Tabitha into the submarine and sending it into the ocean depths.
Volbeat's known moves are {{m|Tail Glow}}, {{m|Signal Beam}}, and {{m|Trick}}.}}