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In the {{chap|Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire}}, Amber is seen returning to the Team Aqua Hideout in the garb of a {{tc|Fisherman}}. He muses himself about why he keeps doing this despite Team Aqua's previous defeat, but is startled at the sudden appearance of his former teammates, Shelly and Matt. At first, he is overjoyed, but quickly realizes that they are illusions created by heat when he begins sweating. After attacking the illusions and making them disappear, Amber is approached by Blaise, who proposes that the both of them team up together. Amber is initially reluctant in teaming up, but Blaise reveals that the Red and Blue Orbs that were taken away from Hoenn are now being taken back.
Blaise reveals that he intends on taking them from whoever currently possesses the Orbsorbs so that Groudon and Kyogre can be awakened again. The idea of Team Aqua possibly reforming convinces Amber to join Blaise, but he is unaware that Blaise is truly after another secret Groudon and Kyogre possess: [[Primal Reversion]].
Blaise takes Amber to the current location of {{p|Hoopa}}, a Mythical Pokémon that can summon things from its hoops. They attack Hoopa and use Blaise's illusions to manipulate Hoopa into taking Groudon and Kyogre out of their locations of slumber. With the two Pokémon awakened, they begin heading towards the Red and Blue Orbs. Amber and Blaise go ahead of them to find whoever has the Orbsorbs. When they arrive, they are shocked to find that Archie and Maxie have returned and are the ones who have the Orbsorbs. Amber attempts to explain how he and Blaise summoned Kyogre and Groudon back from their places of slumber, but is stopped Blaise, who found Archie and Maxie's current appearances suspicious. Archie and Maxie use the orbs to revert Kyogre and Groudon into their Primal forms. With their new power, Archie and Maxie blow Amber and Blaise away.
Later, Amber and Blaise awaken inside a building, where they find that their belongings and Poké Balls have been taken away. There, they meet {{adv|Red}} and {{adv|Green}}, who also had their stuff taken. The person responsible reveals himself to be {{adv|Giovanni}}, who had taken the four aboard the Team Rocket airship. He reveals to them that he intends on helping stop the crisis threatening the world.
|desc={{p|Gorebyss}} was first used at the Team Aqua Hideout. Amber used it to attack and destroy the illusions of Matt and Shelly that were created by [[Blaise]]'s {{p|Slugma}}. Later, it was used to attack Hoopa in order to maniuplate it into summoning Kyogre and Groudon back from their places of slumber. By pouring a single drop of water into another body of water, Gorebyss can shoot out a powerful blast with the strength of a {{p|Hydro Pump}}.
None of Gorebyss's onlymoves are known move is {{m|Hydro Pump}}.}}
===Left at the [[Seafloor Cavern]]===