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Vee is an Eevee that was experimented on by [[Team Rocket]], thereby gaining the ability to freely change from an Eevee into any of its three [[Generation I]] evolutions (Vaporeon, Jolteon, and Flareon) and [[Devolution|back]].
Vee first appeared in ''[[PS019|Blame it on Eevee]]''. When Red tried to challenge [[Erika]], she stated that she wouldn't battle him unless he was able to capture a Pokémon of her choice, an Eevee. Red, with the help of {{adv|Bill}}, tried to battle Eevee, but for every Pokémon that was sent out Eevee would turn into the [[Eeveelution]] that had a type advantage over it. This ability confused both of them at first, but Bill eventually figured out the ability, and Red managed to discover a way to keep Eevee from sensing the type of Pokémon sent out. Red was thus able to capture the Eevee. Realizing that his body had been experimented on to allow such an ability, Red took the Eevee to the [[Celadon Gym]] and connected ithim to a healing machine to allow him to recover. Just then, Erika appeared once again, and feigned being a member of [[Team Rocket]] to force Red to fight for him. Despite [[Poli]], [[Saur]], and [[Pika]]'s best efforts, Erika was able to counter their abilities one by one with her variety of movesets, and then approached Eevee, saying that if she disconnects him now, he would surely take his last breath. Red, evoking his deepest desire to defend the poor Pokémon, had Pika use a {{m|Substitute}} clone to distract Erika while having him guard the healing machine. Erika, impressed with their valiance, revealed herself to be an ally of the "good" Gym Leaders he had met before, and not only awarded Red the {{Badge|Rainbow}} but also allowed him to keep Eevee, naming him Vee.
Vee was later used in ''[[PS025|You know... Articuno!]]'' alongside Red's other Pokémon to battle Team Rocket members who were pursuing {{p|Articuno}} in the [[Seafoam Islands]], which they ultimately failed to defend. Soon [[PS028|afterwards]], Red sent Vee into storage after restoring Aero in [[Cinnabar Island]]. It was later discovered that when Red had sent him to Professor Oak, Vee had been captured by Team Rocket again. Later on, Red rescued Vee in ''[[PS033|The Winged Legends]]'', after [[Sabrina]] had no use for him, as she had now obtained the [[Thu-Fi-Zer|merged legendary birds]].
==={{chap|Gold, Silver & Crystal}}===
[[File:Red and Vee.png|thumb|right|175px|Red and Vee]]
Vee was shown to have permanently evolved into Espeon prior to ''[[PS115|Forretress of Solitude]]'' when being used in Red's test to become [[Viridian City]]'s [[Gym Leader]]. Vee went up against {{p|Porygon2}} and was hit by its {{m|Zap Cannon}}, reducing his health below half. Red remained confident, and commanded Vee to use Morning Sun, followed by Psychic. This knocked Porygon2 out, winning Red the test. Red later explained to Sabrina that Vee had lost his ability to change into his {{t|Fire}}, {{t|Water}}, and {{type|Electric}} evolutions upon evolving into Espeon. Though ithe had now become a normal Espeon, Red still preferred ithim this way thatbecause ithe isn'tis no longer burdened by the sufferings of his past any longer.
In ''[[PS176|The Last Battle X]]'', Vee had a quick battle against Bruno and his {{p|Tyrogue}}. Vee was able to counter attack his {{m|Double Team}} by using Psych Up before attempting to flee from the fight.