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Platinum's Empoleon

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In ''[[PS419|Getting the Drop on Gallade I]]'', RapidashEmpoleon is used in Platinum's {{si|Battle Castle}} challenge and is used against [[Darach]] and his {{p|Gallade}}. Empoleon uses her speed to get behind Gallade and hold him still, but he extends his blades behind him and deals heavy damage, making Platinum recall her. She is later switched back in to fight his {{p|Houndoom}} and defeats it with a Hydro Pump. After that {{p|Staraptor}} is called out and after a tiring battle Empoleon beats it with Blizzard. She is then switched back in again and later called out to finishes off the {{m|Attract}}-inflicted Gallade with Drill Peck, giving Platinum her first Battle Frontier win.
In ''[[PS424|Exit Empoleon]]'', Platinum used Empoleon in her {{si|Battle Arcade}} challenge. During the battle against [[Arcade Star Dahlia]], Platinum and Dahlia had to switch Pokémon due to the roulette, meaning Empoleon and Platinum's other Pokémon were forced to fight against their Trainer. Although both sides were reluctant at first, both Platinum and her Pokémon manage to fight at their full strength, which eventually ended with Platinum as the victor.
When Platinum went to challenge the {{si|Battle Factory}}, she sent RapidashEmpoleon and her other Pokémon to search for [[Looker]] on [[Stark Mountain]], who had gone missing. They soon return, heavily injured and exhausted with a similarly injured Looker and [[Buck]].
==Personality and characteristics==