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==={{chap|Diamond & Pearl}}===
[[File:Platinum Piplup Adventures.png|thumb|left|130px|As a Piplup]]
Empoleon, first appeared as a {{p|Piplup}} in ''[[PS338|Stagestruck Starly]]'', wasas one of the three Pokémon given to {{adv|Platinum}} byfrom [[Professor Rowan]] along with two other Pokémon. When Platinum started her journey, she chose Piplup as her starter Pokémon and let her out of her [[Poké Ball]].
Later, atIn ''[[OreburghPS341|Putting Citya Crimp in Kricketot]]'', Platinum was attacked by a group of wild {{p|Kricketot}} and {{p|Kricketune}}, forcing Piplup to defend her. Despite her best efforts, Piplup iswas unable to defeat them entirely, which dealsdealing a huge blow to her pride. In an attempt to regain her self-respect, Piplup trainsinsists withthat [[Chimler]]her and Platinum challenge the local Gym Leader [[TruRoark]]. In order to prepare forPiplup Platinum'strains upcomingwith Gym[[Tru]] battle againstand [[RoarkChimler]] to prepare. The next day, Piplup faces off against [[Roark's Cranidos]] at the Oreburgh Gym, but is hurt by a powerful {{m|Shock Wave}} and itis forced to be sent back. After [[Platinum's Rapidash|Ponyta]] falls to Roark's {{p|Onix}}, Piplup is sent back out and quickly defeats it with a {{type|Water}} attack. With some advice from {{adv|Diamond}} and {{adv|Pearl}}'s comedy routine, Platinum commands Piplup to use {{m|Water Pulse}}, which confuses {{p|Cranidos}} and causes it to knock itself out, giving Platinum the victory and allowing Piplup regainsto regain her pride.
Later,In in''[[PS346|Ring anotherAround trainingthe sessionRoserade for PlatinumI]]'s', nextafter Gymleaving battle,the Piplup,[[Old alongChateau]] withthe Chimlergroup andmeets Tru[[Gardenia]], evolvewho somewhat nudges them into theirchallenging her the next stagesday. Later,The {{p|Prinplup}},three alongsoon begin training with {{p|Ponyta}},the starter Pokémon faceswhen [[GardeniaCynthia]] inwalks Platinum'sby Gymand battle.notices Afterthat Ponytathe isthree quicklyare defeated,going Prinplupto facesevolve. Gardenia'sQuickly Pokémonafter alonesaying andthis managesthe tothree beat themevolve, with aPiplup superevolving effectiveinto {{m|Blizzard}},a giving Platinum her second winPrinplup.
AfterIn ''[[PS347|Ring Around the groupRoserade arrivesII]]'', Prinplup was used in Platinum’s [[Hearthomedouble Citybattle]], Platinumalongside and{{p|Ponyta}} Prinplupagainst Gardenia and gether involved{{p|Roserade}} and enter{{p|Cherubi}}. inDespite athe [[Pokémontype Contest]]advantage Ponyta was quickly defeated due to Roserade's poison thorns, leaving Prinplup to battle by herself. Due to severalthe saboteursdistance workingGardenia againstput between them, PlatinumPrinplup andcontinues Prinplupgetting pummeled loseby theirboth confidenceCherubi and considerRoserade quittingand being unable to counterattack. However,This withquickly wordschanges as Platinum takes advantage of encouragementthe fromholes Diamond,made theyin gainthe enoughground confidenceby {{m|Grass Knot}} and uses that to continuedirect goinga onhidden Blizzard at both Roserade and manageCherubi, toknocking winthem theout contestcold.
[[File:Platinum Prinplup Adventures.png|thumb|left|200px|As a Prinplup]]
In ''[[PS351|Perturbed by Pachirisu]]'', Platinum and Prinplup enter a [[Pokémon Contest]]. Due to several saboteurs working against them, Platinum and Prinplup lose their confidence and consider quitting. However, with words of encouragement from Diamond, they gain enough confidence to continue going on and manage to win the contest.
Later, Prinplup helps Platinum train for her upcoming Gym battle againstIn ''[[MaylenePS360|Great Gible]] and acts as her {{p|Riolu}} since she wasn't', beingit usedis inrevealed the battle.that Prinplup later evolvesevolved into an {{p|Empoleon}} offscreen after Platinum is knocked unconscious and put into the [[Veilstone Department Store]] by [[Paka and Uji]].
In ''[[PS365|Crafty Carnivine]]'', Empoleon is used inas Platinum's nextfirst Gymchoice in her battle against [[Crasher Wake]]. Sheand is used against Wake'shis {{p|Floatzel}}. and theThe two beginexchange exchanginga few blows before takingmoving the battle to the waters. Empoleon manages to easily beat Floatzel with a {{m|Vacuum Wave}} butand isthen defeatedgoes byup Wake'sagainst {{p|Quagsire}}. afterThe losingtwo to afire Blizzard. Later,at wheneach Platinumother facesand [[Fantina]]it inappears ato Gymbe battleeven, Empoleonbut isdue usedto againsttiring herherself {{p|Drifblim}}out andfrom winsthe bylast freezingbattle itsQuagsire {{m|Ominousoverpowers Wind}}her withand Blizzardwins, but loses toknocking her {{p|Mismagius}}out. soon after.
[[File:Platinum Prinplup Adventures.png|thumb|left|200px|As a Prinplup]]
When Platinum goes to find her kidnapped father, she uses Empoleon against the Gym Leader [[Byron]], who she believed to be the perpetrator. Empoleon manages to damage Byron's two {{p|Bronzong}} but is defeated by a {{m|Payback}} attack. Empoleon is also used in the Gym battle against [[Candice]], where she easily defeats her {{p|Snover}} but ties after being defeated by a {{m|Seed Bomb}}.
In ''[[PS372|Mirages of Mismagius I]]'', Empoleon is used in Platinum's next Gym battle and faces [[Fantina]]'s {{p|Drifblim}}. Empoleon manages to win by freezing its {{m|Ominous Wind}} with Blizzard, which spread to Drifblim and froze it. She then fought {{p|Mismagius}} and lost quickly due to its illusion powers. In ''[[PS374|Brash Bronzong I]]'', when Platinum goes to find her kidnapped father, she uses Empoleon against the Gym Leader [[Byron]], who she believed to be the perpetrator. Empoleon manages to damage Byron's two {{p|Bronzong}} but is defeated by a {{m|Payback}} attack.
[[File:Platinum Prinplup Contest.png|thumb|right|200px|As a Prinplup after winning a Contest]]
WhenIn Platinum''[[PS387|Striking wasOut trying to convince [[VolknerSnover]]'', toEmpoleon trainis her,used Candice,in andPlatinum's Maylene,battle Empoleonagainst was[[Candice]], usedfighting against hisher {{p|RaichuSnover}}. EvenWith thougha shepowerful managedMetal toClaw trapEmpoleon itquickly in ice withdefeats BlizzardSnover, Raichubut managedis tosoon freeknocked itselfout withby a Berry and defeated Empoleon withSnover's {{m|Thunderbolt}}.Seed After Volkner accepts, Empoleon was used to battle his {{p|ElectivireBomb}} andwhich managesit tofired winearlier, earningresulting Platinumin hera final Badgetie.
In ''[[PS405|Shorting Out Electivire]]'', when Platinum was trying to convince [[Volkner]] to train her, Maylene, and Candice, Empoleon was used against his {{p|Raichu}}. Even though she managed to trap it in ice with Blizzard, Raichu managed to free itself with a Berry and defeated Empoleon with {{m|Thunderbolt}}. After Volkner accepts, Empoleon was used to battle his {{p|Electivire}} and manages to win, earning Platinum her final Badge.
In ''[[PS419|Getting the Drop on Gallade I]]'', Rapidash is used in Platinum's {{si|Battle Castle}} challenge and is used against [[Darach]] and his {{p|Gallade}}. Empoleon uses her speed to get behind Gallade and hold him still, but he extends his blades behind him and deals heavy damage, making Platinum recall her. She is later switched back in to fight his {{p|Houndoom}} and defeats it with a Hydro Pump. After that {{p|Staraptor}} is called out and after a tiring battle Empoleon beats it with Blizzard. She is then switched back in again and later called out to finishes off the {{m|Attract}}-inflicted Gallade with Drill Peck, giving Platinum her first Battle Frontier win.
In the {{chap''[[PS424|Platinum}},Exit Empoleon]]'', is firstPlatinum used for Platinum's challengeEmpoleon in theher {{si|Battle CastleArcade}} challenge. EmpoleonDuring facesthe offbattle against [[CastleArcade ValetStar Darach|DarachDahlia]]'s, {{p|Gallade}}Platinum butand isDahlia nearlyhad defeatedto andswitch switchedPokémon outdue forto {{p|Rapidash}}.the Laterroulette, shemeaning facesEmpoleon offand DarachPlatinum's {{p|Houndoom}}other andPokémon {{p|Staraptor}}were andforced defeatsto themfight withagainst easetheir beforeTrainer. beingAlthough switchedboth outsides withwere [[Platinum'sreluctant Lopunny|Lopunny]].at Oncefirst, {{p|Lopunny}}both isPlatinum defeated,and Empoleonher finishesPokémon offmanage theto {{m|Attract}}-inflictedfight Galladeat withtheir {{m|Drillfull Peck}}strength, givingwhich Platinumeventually herended firstwith BattlePlatinum as Frontierthe winvictor.
When Platinum useswent Empoleonto inchallenge herthe {{si|Battle ArcadeFactory}} challenge in her battle against [[Arcade Star Dahlia]]. During the battle, Platinumshe andsent Dahlia switch Pokémon, which meant EmpoleonRapidash and Platinum'sher other Pokémon are forced to fightsearch theirfor Trainer.[[Looker]] Althoughon both[[Stark sides are reluctant at firstMountain]], bothwho Platinumhad andgone hermissing. PokémonThey fightsoon atreturn, theirheavily fullinjured strength,and whichexhausted eventuallywith endsa withsimilarly Platinuminjured asLooker theand victor[[Buck]].
When Platinum goes to challenge the {{si|Battle Factory}}, she sends Empoleon and her other Pokémon to go search for [[Looker]] on [[Stark Mountain]], who had gone missing previously. They soon return, heavily injured and exhausted with a similarly injured Looker==Personality and [[Buck]].characteristics==
Typical of her species, Empoleon is a prideful and proud Pokémon. Despite this she is not rude to others and makes friends with the other Pokémon very easily. She is very headstrong, fierce, and determined and hates losing. She is also a very strong Pokémon and is the powerhouse of Platinum's team. The two share a very strong bond and is one of the closest Pokémon to Platinum.
==Moves used==