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Theres a note saying not to mention moves
| colspan="2" | {{MSP|252|Treecko}}<br>{{p|Treecko}}
| [[File:PTC AG097.png|100px]]
| Mudkip is actually the only choice that is {{t|Water|weak}} to {{t|Electric}}., Treeckothough isit thedoes best{{p|Marshtomp}} choicethat because itis {{t|GrassGround|resistsimmune}} to Electric. IfTreecko Mudkipis evolvedthe intobest choice because it {{pt|MarshtompGrass|resists}}, however, it would have the advantageElectric.
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| [[AG098]]
| colspan="3" | {{MSP|281|Kirlia}}<br>{{p|Kirlia}}
| [[File:PTC AG132.png|100px]]
| At the time, neither choice was correct based on type match-ups because neither {{t|Fire}} nor {{t|Psychic}} has an advantage over the other. Although Arcanine did have Crunch. <!--Please leave this answer as-is. Reasons regarding Kirlia's stats and moves being weaker than Arcanine's are opinions.--> Starting in [[Generation VI]], however, this is correct because Arcanine resists Kirlia's {{t|Fairy}} typing.<br>Also, this is the only Trainer's Choice with two choices instead of three.
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| [[AG133]]