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Battle CDs 41-50

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Trivia: Just found out why that happens.
*Completing {{DL|Battle CDs 41-50|Battle CD 46}} is the only way to get the Sacred Ash in any of the [[Generation III]] games without going to an event.
* When viewing any of the Pokémon summaries in Operation Zero, all the Pokémon locations are "Gift from ''[player]'s'' dad", the same description as the player's [[starter Pokémon]], {{p|Eevee}}. This is because in Pokémon XD, if a Pokémon is Eevee or one of its evolutions and its [[List of locations by index number (GCN)|Original Trainer and origin data matches]] the player and Orre, then their met info will say "Obtained from <player>'s dad."