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Freeze (status condition)

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Not "immune" Tri Attack (move)
The '''freeze''' condition (FRZ) (Japanese: '''こおり''' ''Ice'') causes a Pokémon to be unable to make a move. It is the only [[status condition]] that does not have a move that will always cause it, and because of this, it is arguably the most uncommon.
It is associated with the {{t|Ice}} type, as the majority of moves that can freeze are of this type, and. {{type|Ice}} Pokémon are usually immune to being frozen, except from {{m|Tri Attack}} in [[Generation II]]. In [[Generation V]], Pokémon glow blue and stop moving when frozen.
===Generation II onwards===
A frozen Pokémon has a 10% chance of being thawed out every turn. On the turn that a Pokémon defrosts, it cannot attack until the next turn, similar to {{status|Sleep}} in Generation I. In addition, several{{cat|Moves that thaw out the user|some moves}} can still be used by the frozen Pokémon while frozen (thawing it out in the process);. Pokémon can't be frozen in {{weather|harsh sunlight}}, but they don't thaw out faster if already frozen, contrary to popular belief.
===Generation III onwards===
Unlike other major status conditions, the Freezefreeze status can only be caused by Pokémon moves (rather than by abilitiesAbilities or items), with those moves rarely causing it. Currently no moves have Freezefreeze as a primary effect. This is likely due to freeze being a powerful status that can be overcome only via items or by the chance of defrosting (compare this with Sleep, which can be overcome by the move {{m|Sleep Talk}}). The following are the moves that can cause the Freezefreeze status:
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Damaging {{type|Fire}} moves used on a frozen Pokémon will remove the freeze status (including {{m|Hidden Power}}, {{m|Weather Ball}}, {{m|Natural Gift}}, {{m|Judgment}}, and {{m|Techno Blast}} if the move's type is Fire). However, Pokémon with the Ability {{a|Flash Fire}} will not be thawed out by any Fire-type moves in Generation V, since they will not be damaged by them. In Generation VI, {{m|Scald}} will thaw its target if it hits.
A frozen Pokémon can still use the moves {{m|Flame Wheel}}, {{m|Sacred Fire}}, {{m|Flare Blitz}}, {{m|Fusion Flare}}, {{m|Scald}}, and {{m|Steam Eruption}} while frozen; these moves will thaw the user, then execute normally (the user is thawed regardless of if the move is used successfully). Pokémon with the {{a|Magma Armor}} Ability cannot be frozen. {{type|Ice}} Pokémon cannot be frozen except by {{m|Tri Attack}} in Generation II.
==Other game effects==