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It took a small while for Lillian to issue the yellow cards and Harley mentioned the defense move explanation first, not Brock.
The eight [[Pokémon Coordinator]]s moving on to the [[Contest Battle]]s are then announced, which include May, Jessie, and Harley. James and Max are surprised at Jessie's success and wonder if she might actually win. The contestants' battle match-ups are randomly selected, and it is revealed that Jessie will face Harley and May will battle another participant in the second round of the Contest. May is very exuberant and excited about her performance as Harley interrupts her again. He then begins off with his usual threats and May fires back quickly.
A strange person wrapped in mummy-like cloth interrupts the argument. The unknown person then removes the cloth and reveals herself to be the "Empress Coordinator" Jessibella. Harley and Jessibella then both mention that they're going to beat each other and then May. The Battle Stage begins with Lilian introducing the first match, Jessie versus Harley. Harley sends out his {{TP|Harley|Ariados}} while Jessie calls upon {{TP|Jessie|Wobbuffet}}. Both James and Meowth are confused about Jessie's choice of Wobbuffet for the second round. Jessie's plan is to have Wobbuffet use {{m|Counter}} just as Ariados fires an attack to reflect it back at double the power. Harley catches on and is reluctant to make the first move, knowing it would only backfire. After neither player makes a move after a while, Lilian announces that she has no choice but to give them each a yellow card, which subtracts half the points from both participants' scores. Contesta tells Harley and Jessie if they get another yellow card, they will both be disqualified. Both Harley and Jessie argue back and forth asand Lilian is about to disqualify both of them for not battling. until Harley submitsdeclares andthat he will make a move. Upon realizing that he doesn't need to make an attack that's offensive, Harley tells Ariados to use {{m|String Shot}} on Wobbuffet. Seizing the opportunity, Jessie directs Wobbuffet to use Counter, but Wobbuffet becomes helplessly wrapped by the maneuver. BrockHarley commendsexplains thethat strategy{{m|Mirror Coat}} and explainsCounter thatwill sincenot Stringwork Shot is aagainst [[Status move|defensive movemoves]] and not an attack, neithera Counterstrategy northat {{m|MirrorBrock Coat}} will workcommends. Ariados then manipulates Wobbuffet like a puppet with its attached strings, as points are gradually deducted from Jessie's score. The crowd begins to laugh at the puppet show on display, which is ended when Ariados is told to throw Wobbuffet. It tumbles through the air and lands on Ariados's back. The rest of Jessie's points are deducted and Harley advances to the next round. Jessie, James, and Meowth then fall to the ground, turning white from disbelief.
Intervals between May and Harley's rounds are shown with Squirtle knocking out a {{p|Crobat}} with {{m|Bubble}} and Ariados entangling a {{p|Walrein}} in a {{m|Spider Web}}. Squirtle knocks out a {{p|Weepinbell}} with {{m|Tackle}}. With both May and Harley having won all their rounds, they find themselves in the finals of the Saffron Contest.