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Tohjo Falls

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In the manga
[[File:Tohjo Falls Adventures.png|thumb|200px|Tohjo Falls in Pokémon Adventures]]
===In the Pokémon Adventures manga===
In ''[[PS150|Chinchou in Charge]]'', {{DL|[[Misty|In the Pokémon Adventures manga|Misty}}]], {{DL|[[Brock|In the Pokémon Adventures manga|Brock}}]], and {{DL|[[Erika|In the Pokémon Adventures manga|Erika}}]] passed through the Tohjo Falls on their way to [[Johto]]. While crossing a rope bridge, Misty fell into a {{wp|waterfall}} and saved a {{p|Krabby}} that was in trouble. After this, in ''[[PS151|Lovely Lanturn]]'', {{pDL|Legendary beasts (Adventures)|Suicune}} came and challenged her. After battling with Misty, Suicune decided to go with her, and she, Brock and Erika continued their journey.