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(→‎Origin: Expanded upon Zygarde Cell/Core section, removed reference to Tsuchinoko. Also added note on Helreginn's giant status.)
The patterns spread across Zygarde 50% Forme's body are very similar to {{wp|ribose}} and {{wp|deoxyribose}} molecules. Its tail's shape is possibly based on {{wp|base pair}} {{wp|codons}}, the essential building blocks of the {{wp|DNA}} {{wp|double helix}}.
Zygarde 10% Forme appears to be based on {{wp|Fenrir}}, one of the children of Loki. In Norse mythology, Fenrir is a monstrous wolf which was foretold to bring the gods great trouble and harm. Because of this, the gods prepared three {{wp|Legcuffs|fetters}} to bind him. Only the last of the shackles, {{wp|Gleipnir}}, a ribbon-like binding created by dwarfs, could hold him. The green scarf-like object around Zygarde 10% Forme's neck could be based on Gleipnir, which is said to hold until {{wp|Ragnarök}}. Zygarde 10% Forme's razor sharp teeth may be an allusion to Fenrir biting off the right hand of {{wp|Týr}}, who courageously placed it in the Fenrir's jaws at his request, a false pledge of good faith meant to trick Fenrir. This Forme could alsodrawn beinspiration based onfrom {{wp|Garmr}}, the dog of Hel and watchdog that guards Hel's gate. Zygarde 10% Forme's appearance resembles a {{wp|Doberman Pinscher}}.
Zygarde Complete Forme is based off of {{wp|Hel (being)|Hel}}, the ruler of {{wp|Hel (location)|Helheim}}, the realm of the dead in Nordic myth. Along with Jörmungandr and Fenrir, Hel is a child of Loki. Most incarnations depict her as a half alive and half dead being, which may have inspired Zygarde's theme of the balance between life and death. TheA uppermostgiant, section on Zygarde Complete Forme resembles a crownor with jewels embedded within it{{wp|jötunn}}, whichknown mayas be{{wp|Helreginn}} ais referencenoted toin Hel'sthe title{{wp|Nafnaþulur}} subsection of Queen Hel inthe {{wp|BartholomeusProse saga postolaEdda}}., Theand colorsis onconsidered Completeby Forme'smany chestto matchbe the colorssame ofentity the real-world {{wp|flagas of France}}Hel, thewhich countrymay whichhave inspired theZygarde [[region]]Complete ofForme's gargantuan [[Kalos]]size. The reduppermost and blue markingssection on either side of Zygarde Complete Forme mayresembles representa Yveltalcrown andwith Xerneasjewels embedded within it, aswhich thismay Formebe exceedsa bothreference to Hel's title of theirQueen powersHel in {{wp|Bartholomeus saga postola}}.
The colors on Complete Forme's chest match the colors of the real-world {{wp|flag of France}}, the country which inspired the [[region]] of [[Kalos]]. The red and blue markings on either side of Zygarde Complete Forme may represent Yveltal and Xerneas, as this Forme exceeds both of their powers.
Zygarde Cell and Zygarde Core are based on cells. Both look similar to {{wp|flatworm}}s, specifically those in the genus {{wp|planaria}}. Their appearances resemble the wide body of the {{wp|Tsuchinoko}}. The hexagons on them could represent a cell's membranes.
The order of Zygarde's 10%, 50%, and Complete Forme mirrors how powerful their counterpart is: Fenrir and Jörmungandr being below gods, and Hel being on equal-footing with the gods.
Zygarde Cell and Zygarde Core are based on both cells and {{wp|flatworm}}s, specifically {{wp|Planarian|planaria}}. Planaria and other similar flatworms are notable for their regenerative abilities, and will eventually form into multiple creatures if split apart. The fact that many Zygarde Cells make up a single larger creature may be in reference to this. Some planarians' {{wp|ocelli}} also resemble eyes, which may have inspired the designs for the Cell and Core Zygarde. The hexagons within them likely represent a {{wp|cell nucleus}}.
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