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Nana first appeared as a Poochyena in ''[[PS181|Creeping Past Cacnea]]'', where she was seen with Ruby on his trip to [[Hoenn]]. After running away from home Ruby runs into [[Professor Birch]] being attacked by two Mightyena. Ruby decides to battle the Mightyena, and sends out Nana and has her use Leer. The move doesn't do anything due to Ruby caring only about appearances and the Mightyena pounce on them again, causing Ruby to fall off a cliff.
In ''[[PS194|Guile from Mawile]]'', Ruby headswent into [[Granite Cave]] in order to find a {{p|Milotic}}. During the trip he is attacked by a group of {{p|Mawile}}. During the fight Nana and Kiki both evolve.
In ''[[PS209|Hanging Around With Slaking I]]'', Nana is used to fight alongside Kiki against Norman and his {{TP|Norman|Slaking}} and {{p|Delcatty}}. Nana fires a Hyper Beam while Kiki attacks with {{m|Iron Tail}}. Despite their strength, Nana and Kiki are easily swept away because Norman knows all of Ruby's strategies, as he was the one to teach them to him.