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|img=Jimmy Tongari.png
|vajp=Etsuko Kozakura
|desc=Jimmy's {{p|Pikachu}}, nicknamed (Japanese: '''トンガリ''' ''Tongari''), appeared in [[XY114]] where ithe battled against [[Ash's Pikachu]], which was at the time, being commanded by {{an|Serena}}, in disguise as {{Ash}}. Tongari was later captured by {{TRT}} along with Ash's Pikachu, but later became free due to [[Ash's Greninja]] using {{m|Cut}} on the robotic hands that the Pikachu were being held by. Tongari then assisted Ash's Pikachu in sending Team Rocket blasting off.
Tongari's moves are {{m|Quick Attack}}, {{m|Thunder Punch}}, {{m|Dig}} and {{m|Thunderbolt}}.}}