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Hoenn Route 126

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Unlike Route 124, which had only small pools of deep water scattered throughout the route, most of Route 126 is deep enough to Dive into, including the area surrounding the volcano base. On the ocean floor, Trainers can pass through {{DL|Tall grass|seaweed}} to catch [[wild Pokémon]] as well as enter Sootopolis City, the entrance of which is located on the southern side of the volcano on the ocean floor.
All [[item]]s on Route 126 can only be accessed with the use of {{m|Surf}}.
All [[item]]sitems found [[underwater]] necessarily require {{m|Surf}} and {{m|Dive}}.
{{Itemlist|Ultra Ball|In the central northern dark spot ''(hidden)''|Ru=yes|Sa=yes|E=yes|display={{ball|Ultra}}}}