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Suddenly, three {{p|Pangoro}} appear, roaring with anger. They begin ruthlessly attacking the group and refuse to listen when Clemont tries to explain. Running for their lives, everyone splits in a different direction until they are all separated from one another. After a moment, Bonnie realizes that she and {{TP|Clemont|Dedenne}} are alone with {{MTR}}. While fleeing from one of the Pangoro, Bonnie and Meowth accidentally fall over a cliff and crash through several thick vines. The vines catch on both of them, keeping them tethered to each other. Soon enough, another Pangoro finds the two of them and they flee again. Meanwhile, Ash realizes that he has been separated from everybody except Pancham. Serena, likewise, is stuck alongside {{AP|Frogadier}} and Chespin, while {{an|Clemont}} is with {{TP|Serena|Braixen}}, {{TP|Clemont|Bunnelby}}, and Pikachu. Luxray, {{AP|Hawlucha}}, and {{AP|Fletchinder}} constitute a fourth group, and they begin to search for the others. While everybody is trying to find everybody else, [[Jessie]] and [[James]] are frustrated at Meowth's absence.
Bonnie and Meowth try to break the vine binding them together, but without success. After discussing Meowth's charm and ability to talk for a brief while, Bonnie realizes that her fortune about her luck foretold her getting stuck with Meowth, with gold coloration being a reference to Meowth's gold charm. As Ash and Pancham try to seek higher ground, Clemont introduces his newest invention, which can sense the body heat of living beings. However, the first thing it senses is another Pangoro. With help from Braixen, they flee while they can. Meanwhile, Frogadier acts as bodyguard for Serena, causing Chespin to become jealous and attempt to be bodyguard as well. However, a Pangoro attacks them, Chespin runs behind Serena while Frogadier distracts Pangoro with its frubbles, and the trio run away. Meanwhile, Meowth and Dedenne pick [[Nanab Berry|Nanab Berries]] from a tree so that they can eat. However, Meowth and Bonnie continue bickering with each other over who gets which Berry, culminating in Dedenne's {{m|Nuzzle}} attack to force Meowth to cooperate - which backfires and hits Bonnie as well. Realizing that they cannot afford to be fighting, Bonnie shares the last Nanab berry with Meowth and Dedenne.
Having reached the top of the cliff, Ash and Pancham see Fletchinder and are quickly reunited with it, Hawlucha, and Luxray. They quickly find Serena's group as well. While Bonnie and Meowth are still searching for their friends, they sneak by a sleeping Pangoro, but Meowth trips. Running away before Pangoro spots them, Bonnie and Meowth fall over the side of the hill and land on a group of {{p|Foongus}}. Although Meowth manages to avoid their {{m|Spore}}s, Bonnie is completely engulfed by them and immediately falls asleep. Because Dedenne is unfamiliar with [[Chesto Berry|Chesto Berries]], Meowth tries to carry Bonnie on his back, but she is too heavy and Meowth gives up after several tries. Instead, Meowth draws a picture of onea Chesto Berry for Dedenne to find, and they soon manage to wake Bonnie up again before continuing on their way. Clemont, having spotted Fletchinder, reunites with Ash and Serena as well, leaving Bonnie and Dedenne as the only two who are missing.
While making their way along a rocky riverbank, Bonnie and Meowth slip into the water. As they struggle to remain afloat, they are carried downstream and past a rock that shreds the vine keeping them together. Bonnie quickly grabs another vine dangling over the water to keep them from being carried any farther. After Bonnie and Meowth notice that their tether has been cut, they agree to go their separate ways, but a roar from a distant Pangoro convinces them to stay together. They soon spot Fletchinder and are reunited with Ash, Clemont, Serena, and all of the other Pokémon. Suddenly, the three Pangoro reappear. Just when they are about to attack the group again, Pancham goes to talk to them, wanting to know the reason for their constant attacks. As their speech is translated by Meowth, they explain to Pancham that they are angry because their food was stolen. Once everybody realizes that the true culprits are Team Rocket, the Pangoro send them blasting off when they arrive. Now that they realize their mistake in suspecting Ash and his friends, the Pangoro share their fruit with them and say goodbye as the day ends.
* Similar to ''[[XY056|One for the Goomy!]]'', this episode contains a reference to ''[[EP070|Go West Young Meowth]]'': when Bonnie asks {{MTR}} how he learned to talk, Meowth is ready to tell her the story behind it, but she loses interest as soon as Meowth mentions that the story is long.
**This scene is also reminiscent of a [[AG022|previous episode]] where Max asked Meowth a similar question about his ability to talk and then proceeded to ignore his answer.
* When Clemont unveils his invention to Pikachu, Bunnelby, and Braixen, they react similarly to how Ash, Serena, and Bonnie would react- Pikachu is in awe at the new invention (just like Ash would be), and Braixen shows an embarrassed expression on its face and sighs (most likely referencing Bonnie complaining about Clemont's poor invention names).